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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going!

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:13pm
I waited until this morning to post my review of boot camp because I wanted to see how truly affected I was by yesterdays session.

The Result: I'm actually sore!

This is what I realized about myself last night at boot camp. When it's easy, I slack... when it's tough, I kick it into high gear. The agility ladders were back for round 2 yesterday and I just about died when I got to the field and saw them there. This time instead of groaning I decided to kick some agility ladder ass! I lined up as the first person to go through the drill and I busted my tush the whole way through. One of the ladies in my session asked me if I had done this before because I was "so good" at the exercises. I just about keeled over with laughter and told her no but that I used to be athletic... hey, perhaps I'm still athletic after all. In any case she started telling everyone to watch me and for the rest of the camp I could feel all eyes on me and I'm not one to cave under pressure. Long story short... yesterday was great and I got a tush kicking. In fact my glutes are still sore today!

So what's going on today?

I'm making breakfast muffins as we speak... well actually just waiting for them to finish baking. I'm not sure what they're going to turn out like hence why there is no recipe or pictures of the progress posted as yet. If they turn out alright I might just enter them for Jess' Cook Off Challenge.

*Update* I always knew I wasn't much of a baker... The muffins are missing something but my inexperienced baking self cannot figure out what. I know they're lacking flavour but I don't know what I could've done to fix it. Meh!

I will leave you with yesterday's lunch and today's breakfast:

Amy's Split Pea Soup With Some Goat Cheese - Amazing... Will be having for lunch again today!

3 Egg White Omelet with 1 point worth of cheese and pepperoni and lots of mushrooms. Delish!

Thanks for reading.

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