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When It Comes to Losing Excess Weight, Trust Your Intuition

Posted Apr 23 2013 5:00am

All right. So you were not entirely rational when you picked a diet to go on. You went with your gut feeling that this diet or that diet was the right one for you. Or, you were thinking about losing your unwanted weight for a long time, and just last week you decided to do something about it. It felt right to you. Now is the time, you said, and you went ahead and started.

What is with this intuitive decision-making? Is it right for you to simply go with it without knowing how you made the decision, when it was based on intuition only?

Knowing without being able to explain how and why you know is a tricky business. It means that you are able to rely on certain information that you are not aware of knowing. This is like being fluent in a language. You know the language and you respond right away without taking any time to analyze. At least, it doesn’t seem like analyzing because it’s so instantaneous. You’ve been there before, lots of times. You’ve heard the words, the phrasing, the intonation. You know it, and you jump right to the conclusion, and respond in kind: “Sure, I’ll go to the dance with you.”

Just like the conclusion you jump to when it comes to your native language, you jump to the conclusion about which diet to choose and when to start a weight-loss routine. You don’t know why you chose what you chose or started when you started. But you’ve been there many times before, in all types of situations. You’ve started many things in your life and you’ve made lots of different choices. When it came to the diet or to a starting date, it just felt right to you, and you knew there was a lot of truth to it. You couldn’t explain it more than that; and it felt great to be able to trust your intuition.


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