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When Being Optimistic Can Make Weight Loss Problems

Posted Mar 27 2014 8:51am

by Maria's Last Diet

Have you gotten sorely discouraged when you didn’t lose any weight one week? Have you experienced a desire to quit your weight loss diet when you had a diet cheat? Have you failed at dieting for the umpteenth time because each time you thought the outcome would be different?

If you can say yes to any of these things, perhaps you ought to check out your optimism and see if your optimism is unrealistic. Unrealistic optimism might be what is causing it to be difficult to lose weight.

If your optimism is realistic, you won’t get so discouraged when you don’t lose any weight one week. You will know that weight loss doesn’t go week by week. With realistic optimism cheating on your diet is not a cause to quit your diet goals. If you are realistically optimistic, you take into account lapses here and there in your weight loss routine. And too many dieting failures may be a sign that you have to make changes that you are not making when you unrealistically go on diet after diet with the result being repeated failure.

Remember, being optimistic can make a significant difference in shedding those extra pounds. But keep a keen eye on how realistic your optimism is.


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