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Wheat Belly Part 4Bad Skin?  I certianly did. It started in...

Posted Aug 09 2012 12:02pm

Wheat Belly Part 4

Bad Skin?

I certianly did. It started in junior high and followed me right to University. According to Davis, Acne was never reported in the native cultures of New Guinea Kitavans and Northern Canadian Inuits among many.

As soon as wheat and sugar was introduced, Clearasil sales went through the roof. This was caused by the increase in insulin which triggers a hormone called insulin-like growth factors. Once released in excess, sebum production around hair follicles goes into overtime and acne forms. 

I wish, I knew this 10 years ago! Who the hell talked about that back in 2006? It only makes sense if you think about it. What ever you put in your body will show on the surface. If your unhealthy on the inside your going to look unhealthy on the outside.

On another note Chocolate was found to be unrelated to acne. Milk however contains a protein which has also been known to stimulate excess sebum production.

Wheat is an Opiate

Meaning its addictive and causes withdrawal type symptoms. Believe it or not!

In clinical trials they administered Naloxone or Naltrexone which they give to heroin addicts. After the administration of the drug the patients would be relieved of there withdrawal symptoms: overwhelming fatigue, mental “fog,” inability to exercise, even depression that can last several days, occasionally several weeks.

Instead of making us high it makes us hungry as well as messes with our satiety (Feelings of being full or hungry). Wheat has been found to be a very powerful appetite stimulant. So bad that people who eat wheat daily consume 440 more caloires per day than someone who doesn’t. 

Body Chemistry

One of the biggest concerns is the net alkaline effect that wheat has on your blood. It essentially has none. It will push your ph in the acidic directions causing your body to use up stored mineral salts.

If you confused to why your body’s ph is so important. Refer back to my blog called Acids and Bases found here

According to Davis we spend 18 years of our lives building our bones up, then your bones start to wear down as the years go by because of the bodies need to balance our ph to 7.4. Your bones contain calcium as we all know. Calcium can neutralize acids, and your body will used it when needed. Unfortunately our bones will eventually run out of calcium if you continue to eat shitty foods, and no calcium supplement will help replace the damage that’s been done. The author describes a calcium supplement as throwing a bag of bricks and cement in your backyard and expecting it to build itself.

Women start a accelerated decline in bone health at 25, whereas men experience it at 40. This is all reduced through a good diet and weight bearing exercise. 

Wheat is the most potent producer next to oats of sulphuric acid, even greater than meat. If you put this stuff in your hands it will burn. Davis states that the acid is pretty dilute in wheat however over time it adds up.

If this stuff interest you, I urge you to pick up Davis book and give it a read. In the meantime I’m going to chat about how to go about a wheat free diet tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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