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What Would Happen If You Drank One Energy Drink after Another?

Posted Mar 17 2011 10:32am

Image by themastershakesignal

110258650_7024c7ddba_mThere are quite a lot of energy drinks on the market these days one of the names whom you might be familiar with is Red Bull amongst others, there are quite a few of these about.

They can have varying amounts of caffeine in them depending on which one you drink Red Bull has 150 milligrams of caffeine, which you would find in two cups of coffee.

Others have between 120 milligrams and 160 milligrams, which is a reasonable amount of caffeine. Caffeine is in a lot of soft drinks we have these days and in other products as well.

So what would happen in a controlled experiment using a newspaper reporter as a guinea pig if he drank one of these high caffeine drinks one after another? We are about to see.

At the beginning of the experiment, the reporters blood pressure and pulse were normal his heart rate was 84 beats per minute.  And his blood pressure was measured at 138 /79.

The first can

From what he says he didn’t feel that much different but the instruments told a different story, they measured a rapid increase in both heart rate and blood pressure overall.

He was sitting in a chair relaxed and said he didn’t notice that his heartbeat had increased. His pulse was now at 94 beats per minute, and his blood pressure was 148/92.

The second can

Drinking the second can he said he felt he was struggling now and felt quite bloated with drinking the first can.

As far as measurements are concerned both his heart rate, and his blood pressure continued to increase.

After this can his heart rate is 97 beats per minute, and blood pressure is 149/105

The third can

At this stage, he now says that he is starting to feel quite dizzy and nauseous as well, and struggling to get through the can in the 10 minutes which he is allowed. Surprisingly, his heart rate does stay the same but his blood pressure continues to climb.

His heart rate is now 96 beats per minute his blood pressure is now 155/55.

The fourth can

After drinking two litres of this particular energy drink, he says he had to go to the toilet a lot and can’t walk in a straight line. He feels very gassed and his head is what he describes as banging.

He now says he feels far from energised and feels run down and tired. His heart rate now is 98 beats per minute his blood pressure is 153/101.

The fifth can

His vital statistics are at quite alarming levels, he fails the coordination test dramatically. The doctor decides to end the experiment.

His heart rate on the final can is 106 beats per minute, and his blood pressure is 160/one over four. After the experiment finishes, he has this to say he was glad that he had a bucket with him nearby.

He is sick when he gets home and stays in his bathroom for the remainder of the evening. In bed, he says he can feel his heart racing.

The next day he can’t face having his breakfast and feels off-colour all morning. He says he will never drink another energy drink ever again he says it wiped me out.

Please note this experiment was done under strict supervision and is not something I suggest you do just to see how it would affect you. The whole reason writing this particular post is to highlight what could happen if somebody tried to do this and also to highlight what effect caffeine, especially too much of it can do to you.

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