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What Women Need To Know About Their Running Shoes Part 2

Posted Mar 08 2011 5:32pm

This is a continuation of the guest post from my mate Chris Chapman (better known as Chicken), owner of The Running Company Bondi Beach.

If you missed part 1 check it out here .

Women’s bodies vs Men ­‐ yep they’re different!

Women have wider hips than men due to child birth. As such the “Q” angle, which is the angle from the hip to the knee is more pronounced.

Add to this, size for size women don’t weigh as much as men and you’ll have more women’s shoes being softer and more rounded at the lateral (outside) rear foot for heel strike.

What this means is that the shoe will be softer and more comfortable when you land with each stride and take out a lot of the shock when you land.

Women are more flexible – especially in the forefoot.

It’s been shown in studies that women have more flexible feet, particularly in the forefoot.

Couple this with women not weighing as much as men and that means that all the companies are now making their shoes more flexible in the forefoot with deeper flex grooves.

These are the main points of difference that all the manufacturers are starting to put into their footwear, each of the shoes from each of the brands we carry are doing one or all of these now and we have really noticed the difference in terms of the fit, feel and function of the shoes that have more and more of these features in them as opposed to the old school thinking around guys shoes just down sized.

What does all this mean for you though?

The point around what the shoe manufacturers are doing with their research and what we do with our gait analysis is to keep you injury free.

The less you’re injured, the more you can train, the more you can be fit and achieve your goals.

Staying injury free and achieving your goals is at the heart of everything that we do here at The Running Company so please feel free to come past the store and bring your old shoes with you for a footwear check up and make sure that you’re wearing the right shoes, not a shoe which was made for some bloke!

Cheers Chicken – Now I don’t receive any commission or anything like that from recommending you go and see Chicken and the team.

I just want you to get the right shoe fitted for your foot so you can remain injury free.

The Running Company has stores at Bondi Beach, Geelong in Melbourne and also a new one at Potts Point in Sydney.

If you live on the North side of the Harbour I recommend Footpoint Shoe Clinic at Mosman.

Runner Banner Square What Women Need To Know About Their Running Shoes Part 2

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