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What triggers you to eat?

Posted by Mary Ann P.

Most of us have something that triggers us to eat. I eat when I'm anxious but when I'm really stressed I can't eat. I always want a bowl of popcorn with a movie even at home. Sometimes I eat when I'm trying to put off doing something. What triggers you to hit the fridge.
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I've never been a stress eater myself. I generally only eat when I'm hungry or when I'm bored--the latter doesn't happen too much, since my schedule ensures that I'm always busy. :) If anything, I need MORE triggers to remind me to eat, because I can be bad when it comes to just getting up from my computer.
For me stress is the big trigger... anytime I get stressed about anything, anything at all, "suddenly" the first thing in my mind is "i'm hungry", and probably hungry for some sweets, chocolate or the like. I think it's all about a psychological/unconscious loop there: "wow, I'm stressed, how can I get out of this state?, Oh, I know, a little piece of chocolate, or whatever, will make me feel better, it's yummy, and the stress will go away". I've read that chocolate for example triggers "feel good" chemicals in your brain, similar even to those triggered by love feelings, so no wonder I reach for it to feel better... the good thing is that now I can identify these situations and try to reason with myself out of them, and look for other ways to de-stress myself.
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