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What to Wear When Losing?

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:23pm
A week from Saturday, April 26 th, I have a black-tie benefit to go to. I am having a problem as to what to wear! The ultimate girlydilemma I guess! I don't have anything formal for the size I currently am but I really don't want to pay a lot for a dress that won't fit me in 10 or 20lbs time.

If I was at my goal weight, I wouldn't mind investing in a dress since I know it would be in my closet for a long time available for other formal events, but since I am losing it really sickens me to spend a lot on a dress that I might only get to wear once.

The event is to benefit the adult prayer community that is a sister community of the youth group that I help to run-(I am the treasurer). All of my fellow counsellors and I will be sharing a table. We are a pretty youthful bunch, age ranging from 20-38 but none of us have kids and I am the only married one. Translation: all of these young cool people dress very well!! I could go down the road of getting a cheap black dress that will do fine, but my table will be chock full of really great dresses and I want to look great too!

I was thinking if I splurged and bought a dress that I could have it altered later when I need to. A structured dress would be a good idea if I was to do this. I think this could be a good idea. I am going to order some online so I can try them on at home. I hate getting flustered in a fitting room at the store. Maybe I could post some pics of the ones I try on and you guys could help me decide??

Apologies for the incredibly superficial post but hey, this is real life after all!
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