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What the Hell Is MCT Oil?

Posted Dec 07 2012 10:01am


Just got my first bottle in the mail yesterday! Yes, I get excited by supplements, it’s a problem.

MCT oil stands for Medium-Chain-Triglycerides. Triglycerides as we know provides energy in the body, similar to the by product of Sugar - Glycogen. Both usable however quite often the body views Triglycerides as a Sledge Hammer and Glycogen as a Jack Hammer due to our high carbohydrate diets. If you were doing construction which would you choose? 

MCT oil is actually derived from Coconuts. It’s put in a centrifuge and spun at a high speed, resulting in a fat that’s easier digest and less likely to be stored in the fat cells of the body.

Why use it? It’s basically energy in the form of ready and useable fat. In the process insulin levels are unaffected. Due to demands of energy from stress, exercise and everyday activities we often experience sugar cravings. Sugar to our tongue means quick energy. Getting your body adapted more to a more reliable and longer lasting energy source such as MCT oil on a daily basis, should theoretically reduces our cravings over time for the bad stuff. Hence eventual weight loss.

MCT oil is also gut health friendly. Unlike other fats it can be sent directly to the liver then on to the body, it doesn’t have to jump through hoops and there’s no risk of poor or slow digestion. It’s also been known to kill micro-organism that contribute to inflammation. 

Not a very common supplement yet. I couldn’t find it in any local stores, so I had to order it online. Research has been very positive however, Expect this to be flooding the selfs soon.

Happy Friday

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