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What Supplements Work To Lose Belly Fat?

Posted Apr 14 2011 11:07am

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This is a guest post by Johnny Palmer of

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The torrent of advertisements, junk email, magazine “reviews” and other propaganda pushed our way can lead us to believe that there really is a magic pill out there.

It is so hard to resist the golden lure that there may be something out there which means you don’t have to exercise or diet so fanatically, or just something that will make you lose body fat twice as fast.

Humans are naturally lazy – everyone knows that.

When our body has to move heavy weight, it gets lazy and doesn’t want to have to work so hard so it builds bigger & stronger muscles to help it not have to work as hard. When we go to a job interview, we may fudge up our application a little to increase our chances of getting hired  instead of offering to work for free for a day to show that we actually are a hard worker.

So it is obvious that when it comes to wanting to look good, for whatever reason, that we look for a short cut. The most obvious short cut is to look for something to ingest that we hope will create a chemical reaction that increases our rate of fat loss.

Often we don’t know what or how we expect these supplements to work – but the shiny packaging and testimonials from the buff guy & gal on the wrapping are almost always enough to get us excited and part with our hard earned money.

So, what is in all of these different supplements and how do they help us to lose body fat? Are any of them any good and if so, which ones are the best? All great questions young scholar, let’s try to find answers.

What Is In Supplements?

I won’t try to claim credit for research, but here is a link to the most common supplement ingredients in weight loss drugs. This study shows that most of the ingredients in supplements are untested by scientific method for weight loss results, some are high in caffeine (which has been proven to elevate metabolism), but in summary none of these weight loss supplements appear to do anything more than a decent vitamin and a hot cuppa.

The theory that body builders take bucket loads of weight loss pills etc is also nonsense.

In her book “Sliced”, Canadian National Bodybuilding Champion Negrita Jayde states “For getting the physique you want there is absolutely no substitute for calorie counting, aerobics and sound nutrition.”

Big Arnie has also been quoted saying “I won the Mr Olympia using food supplements and I won the Mr Olympia using none at all, so for me it didn’t really make that much difference.”

She explains that the supplements some bodybuilders do take are:

Potassium (found in baking powder, seeds, nuts and raisins)

Vitamin C

Amino Acids

Arginine (found in beef)

Multi Vitamin

Omega 3 Oil


Note there is nothing in there called “Rapid Fat Loss 5000″ or “xTreme Fat Cutter”.

The food supplements they use are ones that have been proven to help for fat loss or for bulking up  but they are all just naturally occurring ingredients in every day foods.

The Most Important Supplements?

The most important supplements are omega 3 oil and a great multi vitamin. Country Life produces one called the Multi 100 which is the most potent multi I have ever come across with astronomical amounts of all the essential vitamins including over 100mg of each Vit-B, over 100% the RDI of Vit-C and incredible amounts of all the other essential and non-essential vitamins. I don’t work for this company but I sure challenge you to find a better vitamin.

Summing up this article, you have to realize that if you are after the best results, they will only come through dedicated nutrition practices, whether that means counting calories, eating the same portions each meal, having some low cal days then a high cal day or whatever.

Aerobics or cardio for you non-Canadians is essential for losing body fat. This is proven by some bodybuilders (including Negrita) who do up to 2 hours per day when losing fat for a contest.

2 hours is excessive for most people, even 1 hour per day is over the top for most goals, but if you can fit in half an hour per day while practicing good nutrition habits, you will see the results.

Forget the food supplements – try and get your body fat as low as possible without them, and only after you have achieved this, put on a bit more muscle and then try with the supplements. See what works for you  everybody is chemically a little different and reacts to different substances differently.

Supplements may give you a very slight edge, but the best edge ahead of the competition and yourself will come through your nutrition and exercise plans – not a little jar of hope and shattered expectations.

Johnny Palmer writes over at & he trains using cardio, boxing and weight lifting. He teaches you with no b.s methods how to get abs and the best way to lose belly fat .

He practices what he preaches and blogs most days giving free advice and tips to help you and has also done a review on what he thinks is the best weight loss product.

Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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