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What Stops Fat Loss Results Dead In It’s Tracks?

Posted Nov 25 2010 5:33pm

Last week I posed a question on my twitter page asking people this exact question “What’s your biggest problem when it comes to getting fat loss results ? food, exercise, lack of sleep? I’m interested to hear your thoughts”.

I was interested to hear what your biggest problem to achieving your ultimate fat loss results was.

I was expecting a few different answers but all who answered said basically the same thing.
It all came down in some way or another to food choices.

Making the right choices, avoiding temptation and most of all avoiding binge eating. Hands up who hasn’t felt like that before?

At the end of the day, it is plain and simple that you can’t out-train a crappy diet.

No matter how many hours you train each day or week you simply cannot expect optimal fat loss results if you do not eat healthy.

Most people know that right?

So how can we get on top of all these cravings of the bad foods that we love to eat?


Indulge them.

\Well, maybe not indulge, but eat whatever it is that you are craving.

3D 5 b What Stops Fat Loss Results Dead In It’s Tracks?

Aussie Fatblast Secret Guide To Smart Eating

With one exception.

I want you to ask yourself this question first: “Is this taking me closer to, or further away, from my ultimate goal”.

Now, you probably think that this is a trick question because the answer will always be further away shouldn’t it?

Not always.

If you’ve asked yourself the simple question and you still want to destroy that pizza or that chocolate bar, that’s cool.

I’m happy for you to do it.

You just have to make sure that these occurrences are no more than 10 per cent of your weekly meal intake.

I like to call it the 90/10 rule: If 90 per cent of your meals are spot on healthy eating along the Aussie Fatblast Secret Guide to Smart Eating guidelines that will proactively encourage optimum fat burning, and ultimate fat loss results, then you can let your hair down 10 per cent of the time.

Yes can you have anything you want.

This will allow you to feel like a real person and still burn fat while sticking to your healthy eating plan for the remaining 90% of the week.

So now the $64 million dollar question is how do you work out how many mealsis 10 per cent?

Easy. Let’s say you have six meals a day (which is encouraged for optimal success) than that equals 42 meals a week.

Your 10 per cent cheat meals works out to four meals a week.
As a word of caution, I’d make sure your cheat meals are documented so you are sticking to the 90-10 rule each week.

Nothing more. Remember if you cheat yourself on this, you are cheating your fat loss potential.

That is a fool-proof plan to ensure that your motivation for achieving the body that you deserve does not get sidetracked while still getting to indulge yourself every now and again.

As for binge eating – I’ve got a remedy for that too – whether it is for good foods or junk foods that are the results of your binging.

When you finish your meal try waiting at least 15 minutes before you go for seconds and get something else.

Your stomach takes at least these 15 minutes to get the message to your brain that it is full and doesn’t need anymore.

Try it next time you are tempted to go around for seconds (or thirds).

You might be surprised that you are not actually as hungry as you thought you were. I do this all the time with great results.

Have you ever had the feeling that you are bloated and tired after a big meal?

That is because you kept on scoffing something down without waiting for that 15 minute window.

These 2 tips are all a part of my Aussie Fatblast Success System designed especially for busy people.

If you’d like to find out how your weight loss workouts and interval training routines can take 20 minutes or even less, along with the meals that you should be eating and foods that will definitely kill your fat loss results, you need to be onboard with team Aussie Fatblast.

 What Stops Fat Loss Results Dead In It’s Tracks?

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