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What Single Factor Determines Successful Weight Loss

Posted Feb 16 2013 5:00am

You could say when it comes to living your life, how you feel is everything.

How you feel has a significant influence on what decisions you make, on your learning and memory, on your motivation for taking action. Your emotions are essential to the empathic exchanges you have with other people. They are a nonverbal part of all your communications. You get information about other people by knowing how the other person is feeling. You give information to other people by them knowing how you are feeling. By knowing each other’s feelings, everyone gets to know what to expect in terms of action, thought, intention, imagination, defensive maneuvers, etc.

What about when it comes to eating and weight? Don’t make a mistake about it. How you feel is right there where it counts, just like in every other aspect of your life. It’s everything. So please make sure when you are trying to shed those extra pounds that you include your feelings in the formula, diet + exercise = weight loss.

Whenever you set about making a big personal change like losing unwanted weight, your feelings are definitely involved. If in living your life, including losing weight, how you feel is everything, then the weight loss formula needs to be re-written as, How-you-feel (diet + exercise) = weight loss.


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