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What’s your New Month’s Resolution?

Posted Nov 30 2009 10:00pm

Question of the week I know I’m not the only one that falls prey to the start-over-tomorrow mentality which usually ends up to be an I’ll-start-monday declaration which lasts until about this time of year when it turns into the I-might-as-well-wait-until-the-New-Year phrase of defeat.’ve.been.there.

But no more. I threw perfection out the window 5 years ago. That’s when I realized there would never be a PERFECT year, month, week or even day, I was able to get past all that nonsense. Yes… I said it… it’s NONSENSE. The sooner you realize everything is "on plan" the better. It ends the need to have a last hurrah. To eat everything in site because tomorrow you’ll "start fresh".

Poppycock. <— ohhhh how I LOVE that word. lol

If you want a darn slice of pie then have darn slice of pie, it doesn’t mean you "broke" your diet. It doesn’t mean you have to start over! It’s mean you ate a darn piece of pie. Simple as that. Skip the potatoes with dinner if you are worried about it. Don’t do the opposite and hunt down every sugary snack in your pantry because you “already ruined the day.” (yes… that’s what I used to do.)

I challenge you NOT to wait until the New Years to make your resolutions. I challenge you to make a New Month’s Resolution right now? Why not? What Makes Jan 1 any different then Dec 1? ( Click here to read about my celebration of the New Month’s Eve )

Me? My new Month’s resolutions…

  • Keep up with my no eating in the living room rule. It’s been helping immensely with night time snacking but I have to admit I faltered a few times this week.
  • I’m starting a new boot camp class Saturday mornings at my local gym. I just hope I can shake this cough and fever before the first class this weekend!
  • I’m GOING TO BED EARLY. If it means not getting everything done, so be it. I can’t help but think my immune system is screaming at me to get more sleep by slapping me in the face with this case of bronchitis.

Ok… your turn… What’s your new Month’s Resolution?

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