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What's Up, Friday?

Posted Sep 06 2013 3:45pm

How do we feel about the new logo? I guess I could always not have a logo at all but I enjoy design projects for no reason. Anyway, I wanted something more representative of the week coming to an end at last; something quirkier and less heavy:

1. Buzzfeed has posted some fun "listicles" about musicals recently, making this musical theatre nerd very happy. 

Wanna know why I didn't get any sleep last night? Cause I watched almost all 50 of those.  Numbers 9, 17, 24, 41 and 48 are my faves. (Did you expect me to pick just one? Impossible.)

2. This article about burrito construction is everything. If you've ever ordered at Chipotle, Freebirds or the like, you will undoubtedly read it and nod your head in agreement. 

0-gz3fGZEe7H4wdbrH 3. I recently added Tom Hiddleston to my very special Pinterest board of hot guys. Yes, I really have one and yes, I really do that on a recurring basis. No sooner than I added Loki of Asgard (nerd alert!), this video turned up at which point I basically melted into a puddle of girly-goo and decided I loved him forever and ever. Still not sold? Check out this video where he appeared at Comic Con as Loki. It's awesome.

4. Speaking of hot guys from overseas (and I'm not even done yet), I attended a screening of The Fifth Estate starring Benedict Cumberbatch last month. It was/is excellent. It is getting a lot of press this week as the opening gala fil for the Toronto Film Festival so I was reminded to mention it. Comes out in the U.S. October 18 and you should all go see it. Here's a fantastic featurette that came out today on the making of:

Laura Linney and Stanley Tucci's chemistry in this movie is fabulous -- I've always loved Stanley Tucci but have never been a massive Laura Linney fan. This movie sold me. I'm in for Linney now.

On a related note, I cannot wait for Season 3 of Sherlock

5.  As I was saying -- hot guys overseas? Thought I saw Colin Farrell get onto an elevator last Friday and I'm still waiting for him to call me. *SWOON!* 

He's so dreamy and has an adorable personality

Call me, Colin! ;)

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