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What's Up, Friday?

Posted Jul 19 2013 1:48pm

Happy Friday, boys and girls. I hope you had a smoother week than I did. I am exhausted and would like to nap for approximately three days. But I will settle for sleeping past 6am tomorrow, which I've been looking forward to since Wednesday or so. 

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1. THE DAILY SHOW. Omigod, you guys. The Daily Show. I love it always but this week, they were just SO on point, I kept watching clips over and over. I didn't know I could love it this much with Jon Stewart on vacation. Nothing against John Oliver and his sass and delightful accent, I'm just a Stewart fangirl. But in any case, these:

2. Rider Strong on Twitter. I've followed him for a while but just never paid enough attention to catch wind of his brilliance until Buzzfeed wrote a whole article about it. You see, every once in a while, "Boy Meets World" alumn Rider Strong searches for his name on Twitter and replies to some of what he finds. 

Rider Strong s 18 Best Responses To Tweets About Himself
3. The MLB All-star game was this week and the highlight was easily Mariano Rivera's participation in the game. Because this is the legendary closer's last all-star game appearance. Sadly, Mo is retiring. You can hate on the Yankees but nobody hates on Mo. He is a class act and he will be missed

4. Um, Unlce Jesse and the Rippers are performing on Jimmy Fallon tonight and I am ELATED.

5. Mashable has been rolling out these cool infographics on how much it costs to be a superhero now versus the days of old. I've been geeking out to them all week! 

6. Bad Kids Clothing created this HILARIOUS shirt as a favor to someone. When Taylor Swift fans FLIPPED OUT about it, they decided to mass produce it and sell it. Good on them. It's so tempting -- I kind of want one. But she'll have at least four new exes by the end of 2014 and the shirt will be outdated. 


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