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What's it Worth to You?

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:05pm
Do you ever wonder why you come to enjoy and desire things so much? Before I started (rather re-started) getting back on track I used to love Doritos in the Zesty Cheese variety. If it was any other Dorito I could leave it alone. It sparked no interest in me whatsoever, but Zesty Cheese...

I haven’t thought of any or had the slightest crave for any in more than two weeks. In fact, I don’t remember the last time. For two weeks now I've been back on track, eating right (or better) and in lesser amounts. Until the past couple days. For whatever reason I haven’t been as vigilant. Two days ago wasn’t too bad, but yesterday I had those Doritos again.

It was a learning experience, and truly caused me to question why I liked the product to begin with. After eating them I noticed that my tongue felt weird, like it was coated or numb or something. I had a headache within 20 minutes or so afterward, and today my joints are a bit stiff. So, yeah me for snacking on those!

One distinct thing about eating better, I get to take turns with the foods I used to like so much and see what affect they have on me. They make me feel like crap. It was like when I smoked. Yes, that cigarette took the edge of my anxiety and stress away. It had an almost calming affect, but when I really paid attention to my body when smoking I realized a few things – the things that made quitting easier – I would feel drowsy, which was likely because the cigarette was killing my oxygen. They left a horrible taste in my mouth. Honestly, how could I ignore that? But they also left a (sorry for this) horrible flem in the back of the throat all the time. That’s something I notice now after visiting extended family who smoke regularly in their home. When I leave (oh ya, almost for got this) I smell like cigarette smoke that no amount of perfume or deodorant could disguise, and that same flem returns.

This was the same tactic I used to quit drinking. I let myself, now there’s a key – let – I let myself take note of the feelings and things I didn’t like. It made quitting a lot easier. Now that I’ve spent time eating right, I'm allowing myself to try those old food cravings when they pop up, but only one at a time so I can truly take note of how they make me feel. Today I still have that Dorito headache, and with the stiff joints, I’ve determined it’s like a Dorito hangover. Nonetheless, by having them last night, I know now that I really don’t like them. They may taste good initially, but the taste soon became inhibited by the way they made my tongue feel, then suddenly I found myself aimlessly munching while watching TV, and before I knew it I’d eaten FAR too many of them.

Once I stopped myself it wasn’t long before I had a headache, which had gone away with right eating over the past couple weeks. Today I pay the price, and I know it will be a few days before the affects of my Dorito craze will be over. So, for one night of fulfilling a craving I pay the price for almost a week. Now, does that seem worth it?

Bye-bye Frito Lay Doritos!

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