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What Not to Do When You Lose Weight

Posted Jan 06 2014 4:44am

How to Celebrate Weight Maintenance

Last Sunday, the health section of a newspaper featured an article about a woman who had just lost 100 pounds. She did it with Weight Watchers and exercise. Good – right?

Yes, it was good how she lost weight ,but this was the not good part. She was asked what she would do when she lost the rest of her weight. (She didn’t have much more to lose.) She said she would have nachos with cheese, some ice cream, go to her favorite restaurant, and visit an amusement park. (This picture isn’t her – this is a picture I got from .)

lady eating candy

Okay. Let’s stop right here and look at her statement. Hopefully she said it in jest, but I’ve known a lot of people who don’t say this kind of thing in jest when asked what they will do when they get to their goal weight. People I know in real life often say this type of thing:

“When I lose weight I’m going to eat a whole carton of Breyer’s ice cream.” Or someone else has told me, “When I lose all my weight, I’m going to order a Monte Cristo at the restaurant every day for a week.” Still someone else told me, “I can’t wait to get to my goal weight so I can go back to buying chips.”

That’s crazy talk.

What are they thinking? I can tell you what they might be thinking because I used to have the exact same attitude. (Not that I ever got to my goal weight.) But I used to say things just like that. I’d imagine a day when I was at a healthy weight and could eat whatever I wanted to want without gaining weight.

In my mind, that’s what would happen. Of course I know better now. I know that the worst thing you can do when you lose weight is immediately go out and eat some “forbidden” food. That type of behavior and attitude sets you up for almost instant weight regain.

I’ve seen it more times than I can count.

First it’s a meal out that’s way off your weight loss plan, then it’s the snack of chips and cheese, then it’s a small bag of candy, then a big one, and before you know it, you are right back into those old eating habits that got you in trouble in the first place.

I did it more times than I can count.

So if you aren’t supposed to celebrate your weight loss with food, what do you do?

Well, like I wrote in an article for , it is important to have a plan for weight maintenance before you even get there. You’ve got to take things slowly, analyze how much food you need to eat, keep up with your exercise plan, and be prepared for the unexpected.

Reaching your goal weight doesn’t mean you can go back to old habits. In fact, if you do go back to old “bad” food habits, those old habits will contribute to your weight regain. And the sad thing is that the weight often comes back on much faster then it took you to lose it!

What’s your first reaction when people ask you, “What will you do when you lose weight?” Or if you’ve gotten to your goal, what did you do to keep the weight off? Diane

Top photo credit: by iosphere

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