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What Makes You Successful? Motivation & Movie Theme Bodyweight Workouts

Posted Jun 01 2009 12:19am
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Right now I’m feeling a bit exhausted to tell you the truth.

I took some clients through a special Wolverine Workout featuring only bodyweight exercises today at lunch and I’m hurting now! It was good fun though, and hard work of course.

On top of that I was at a 3 day Marketing Seminar over the weekend in Sydney. To tell you the truth it was pretty awesome to be in the audience and hear some of the big dogs in the internet marketing and advertising game speak. People among the likes Copywriting genius John Carlton, Stompernet Founder and SEO guru Brad Fallon, Mike Koenigs from Traffic Geyser, Adam Ginsberg the eBay gun just to name a couple.

It was also cool to hear a few Aussies on the card for a change and Siimon Reynolds and James Schramko definitely over delivered too.

I got my inspiration for you todays motivation from this seminar and it comes from Brad Fallon.


“It’s what you stop doing that makes you successful”.

Funny that.

If you want to transform your body you need to make some changes right?

That may be changing your exercise habits, or lack there of.

That may mean eating different foods.

It may mean cutting out a lot of rubbish from your diet.

It may even mean firing some bad friends who do nothing but belittle your achievements and your mission to better yourself and enjoy the fat loss results that you deserve.

What are you going to stop doing to make your mission a success?

Me? I’m looking at my life this week and figuring out what I can outsource to maximise my priority.

Have You Got Your Little Black Book of Fat Loss Secrets Yet?


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