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What Is the Zone Diet

Posted Oct 01 2008 4:13pm

The zone diet is something that has been put together by somebody called Dr Barry Sears, how it works as the name implies is you eat in zones. Here are some of the basic zone rules. zone

  • Eat something within one hour of waking up
  • make sure you have a meal between a four to six hour period, or eat two to two and a half hours after a snack even if you are not hungry
  • keep in mind whether you are hungry or not and see how your mental focus seems to be, if you are feeling all right then you are said to be staying in the zone
  • have eight glasses of water a day
  • make sure every meal you eat has plenty of low-fat protein and even this out with, low G.I carbohydrate foods, if you are not sure what these are look around on the Internet so you know which foods. Release their sugar slowly those are the sort of foods that you are looking at.
  • also make sure that your portions of food can fit into the palm of a hand, and divide your plate up into three quarters in your mind, so that one third of it is protein and the other quarters contain low G. I carbohydrates and vegetables. Make sure that you have more vegetables than carbohydrates.

What you do when you’re making up a zone meal is divide the food into blocks so you have three blocks of protein three blocks of carbohydrate and three blocks of fat. See image below for how your plate should be divided.

zone diet plate

So a typical lunch will look something like this. Three ounces of chickens which will account for three protein blocks. Then three blocks of carbohydrate which can be accounted for by three cups of asparagus, and three fat blocks which you can use three tablespoons full of olive oil.

If you were to make a snack using this particular method you would have something like this three ounces of tuna which would make up your three protein blocks, some celery which would make up your carbohydrate blocks, and one third of some more olive oil which would make up your fat block.

Here is a typical zone diet day so you can get a feeling yourself for what is involved.


Would be a six egg whites omelet, with asparagus and twos teaspoonful of olive oil, and some strawberries.

So here you have your eggs which are your protein, asparagus which is carbohydrate, olive oil which is fat and strawberries which are carbohydrate again.


Lunch would be a grilled chicken, with some side salad olive oil and some fruit, so here still you are getting all three blocks chicken is protein, olive oil is fat, and the fruit is carbohydrate.

Afternoon snack

This would consist of two hard-boiled eggs, where you take the yolk out, and put in a filling of mashed chickpeas and some hummus, with some olive oil. So you are getting your three blocks again.


Some salmon covered with some almonds, some steamed vegetables, and some berries mixed for your desert.

Evening Snack

This would consist of some soft cheese approximately one ounce, a glass of wine and one small piece of fruit. If you would like some examples of what to eat using the zone diet here is a brief summary of what you will need.

Shopping List












apple’s royal gala


Dairy produce

Low-fat cottage cheese

plain low-fat yoghurt

cheese low-fat

cheddar cheese which is fat free




turkey breast

turkey bacon which is low-fat


All the vegetables you would normally eat

Brussel sprouts




runner beans




Bottled items






vanilla extract



water, lemon and lime

red wine


apple cider

tabasco sauce

peanut butter


unsweetened rice


sesame roasted

water pure bottled.

This is just to give you a basic outline of what you need you can sign up on the site and there is no charge to view this information as that is how I got it by joining up. And it may give you some ideas if your eating plan isn’t working. Here is the site address in case your interested.

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