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what is the ultimate low carb high protien diet?

Posted by modestmouse

I have tried atkins 

what I am wondering is if omitting simple carbs is the best option


Answers (2)
Sort by: Newest first | Oldest first Check this out! Its a 12 week exercise and diet plan that my brother did and it works great! Good Luck!
Dr Freedhoff  gives good advice concerning the choice of diet.  Dieting should not be different from real life; by following a diet for several months, it should be so comfortable and easy you are willing to follow the heathly eating guidelines for the rest of your life. But a word about carbs. Your brain contains a chemical called serotonin. Serotonin controls your mood, temperature regulation, pain sensitivity ( it decreases sensitivity) and shuts off your appetite. Your brain makes serotonin only when you eat carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, rice, cereal, bread and stachy vegetables . And if you eat protein along with the carbohydrates, no serotonin is made. The atkins diet prevents your brain from making serotonin. A few weeks on that diet and your mood will resemble someone with very bad PMS ( which is also caused by too little serotonin activity). So the natural way to lose weight is to do what nature wants you to do: eat therapeutic amounts of carbohydrate in low or no fat foods at specific times of the day or at specific meals so you make serotonin. And the nice thing about doing this is that you will find you are in a good mood throughout the whole weight loss period.
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