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what is the first step to loosing weight?

Posted by Misty W. Facebook

please help. i would like to loose at least 100 lbs. and i dont know were to start.
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Each and everyone of you seem to have the right idea for losing weight but remember it's a lifestyle change and not just a diet. Any form of exercise that helps you burn more calories out than in is good. You are all well worth losing the weight for whatever reason you have and just keep in mind that the weight did not come on over night though I would almost like to think mine did.

Good for you for planning to lose weight. You need someone to help you do this and give you the emotional support you need during the process because it will take more than a year. But better to spend the year losing weight than finding you have a shortened life span because of your obesity.

The easiest thing to do at the beginning is see how much you are eating now. What are the sizes of your meals and snacks? This is for your own planning, not for someone else. How many eggs do you eat when you eat them for breakfast, how many ounces of meat do you eat for dinner. How much cheese or butter or bacon do you eat? Do you drink alcohol? How much. This is a big source of calories. Do you put a lot of salad dressing on your salads or mayonnaise on your sandwiches?

Start slowly because you don't want to be hungry. Cut out as many high fat ingredients as you can, add very low fat carbohydrate snacks about an hour before each meal . Eat about 40 grams of carbohydrate an hour before lunch and dinner ( this would be about a cup and a half of plain cheerios) so that a brain chemical, serotonin, is made which will shut off your appetite. Bu do not, please do not go on a low calorie diet. You will fail because you will be hungry.

Now just as important, why did you gain so much weight? This is not easy to answer. But you must think about the triggers to overeating and see whether you can find someone to help you deal with them. If you don't the weight will come back. Please keep in touch or else go to our face book page: the serotonin power diet and ask for support there from people who are struggling like you are. Good Luck

I find for me the first step was admitting that I needed to make a change and get healthy. Acknowledging the fact that I was not living a healthy lifestyle is what actually made me get up and do something about it.

Like Dr. Wurtman said, having a good emotional support is a key componant to healthy long term weight loss. You want to be sure that you don't have anyone around you who is not going to support your efforts. They aren't going to try and sabatoge your drive to lose weight.

 I find that as an everyday woman, working mom on the go, making small changes each day slowly ease you into lifelong changes that are premanete versus the old standard "I am going on a diet, no junk, no fast food, no treats" Just strict dieting. That mentality is when you crash eventually. You have to learn a balance that works for you.

For example, today make the decision to cut out sodas if that is something you consume a lot of. When you adequately carry on each day without wanting or "needing" a soda then select the next crutch that you have to kick to the curb like french fries (ahhh my favorite guilty pleasure). Find an alternative, find something that will satisfy that urge to have a fry and have that as your go to thing. Find alternatives in healthy living to help control those in an unhealthy lifestyle that cause us to revery back to our old comfortable habits!


Good luck 



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