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What is in your MP3 Player??? I need a workout music makeover!!!

Posted Apr 22 2010 1:25pm

I worked out this morning and I had my MP3 player in hand. I always get excited by music for many different reasons, but I found myself stopping working out to click through 4 of 5 songs before finding another one that would suffice. Needless to say I need a workout music makeover.

I am very eclectic, so my song lists are diversified, but currently I have the following loaded up (I have quite a few, but here is a sample)

Ben Folds – Philosophy
De Meij – LOTR Gandalf
Whitacre – October
Tichelli – Vesuvius
Cake – I will survive
Orff – Carmina Burana
The A Team Theme
Swingle Singers – 1812 overture
Rockapella – 500 miles
Simon and Garfunkel – Cecili
Simon and Garfunkel – You can call me Al
Yanni – Santorini
John Williams – Star Wars Theme
John Williams – Patriot Theme
James Horner – Theme from Glory
Danny Elfman – Theme from Batman
C&C Music Factory – Everybody dance now
Frank Sinatra – Swing on a star
Queen – Show must go on
Queen – Who wants to live forever

This is just a small sampling of songs that I have and while I love them, I NEED some good PUMPING workout music. So here is where you can help me. I need someone to PIMP my MP3 player… (well I will pimp it, I just need the songs, cause… you know… you know it’s hard out there for a pimp…)

So, ready… set… go… Hopefully by tomorrow I will have enough suggestions to literally rock my ass off…

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