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What I learned from Paper Plates and Broken Microwaves

Posted Jan 27 2009 3:55pm

Yes, you read the correctly. Paper Plates and Microwaves. Bear with me and I’ll try to make a point. :)

Last year I received this comment on my Egg Tomato Pizza post about paper plates.

Hi Roni! Just briefly wanted to say that your site is great. I like the look of lots of the recipes and will get around to trying them.

A question, though. Why do you use paper plates? It just bugs me — there must be a lot of waste from that. And you have those pretty black ones you could be using!


My response was…

Rhiannon -

Convenience. I also reuse my water bottles for convenience, bring my own grocery bags to the store for convenience and try to make changes where it makes sense for me and my family. I haven’t been able to give up my paper plate habit yet but I will. Living greener is a process just like everything else.

Thanks for getting me to think about it! :~)

A few weeks later the husband and I decided we would try to live without paper plates. It was tough at first, I’m not going to lie. But after a few days we got used to it and now, honestly, I don’t even miss them. We save money and have a lot less garbage! Thanks Rhiannon! :~)

As for the Microwave, ours broke a few days ago. It’s strange, it will go on but only run for a few seconds before shutting itself down. I’m assuming it’s a goner. At first we were devastated. How will I heat vegetables up for dinner? Or leftovers? How will the husband make his lunch?!? (I swear he doesn’t even know how to turn on the stove!)

Well guess what? I’ve made breakfast, lunch and dinner for few days sans microwave. I miss it, sure. But I’ve made do. There’s no way I’m buying another one, especially considering the new house (fingers crossed it will all go through!!) will have one built in.

So where’s the moral here? What’s my point?

We adapt. We change. Right now you may think you can’t make certain changes in your life. You may think you don’t have time to take a walk, change your eating habits or survive without "the soda" ;~P but in reality you can. If you would have told me last year I could live without paper plates or a microwave I would have said you "You’re crazy!" Same with training for a marathon or making butternut squash fries as a snack and enjoying it!

Point is… change is possible. Sometimes something inspires you and you find your own motivation to change (as in the paper plates) and sometimes an outside force requires you to change (the microwave breaking.) Either way knowing ‘it’s possible’ is half the battle.

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