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What I Learned From Attending My First Blogger's Conference - Fitbloggin'10

Posted Mar 23 2010 10:08pm

, and frankly I was sorta regretting that I signed up for Fitbloggin . I mean - I'm not FIT (yet), I'm makin' a baby, I had a loooong drive to Baltimore, and I didn't really know anyone. Meeting in person is so different than behind the veil of a computer monitor. But, so I packed my bags and hopped into the good old Ford Taurus for my blogger's conference adventure.

1. Do not leave for Baltimore from Northwest New Jersey on a Friday afternoon at 3PM.

1a. And definitely DO NOT drive through Princeton to get there.


2. in the car is murder on my butt, no matter how much "padding" I have.

3. Downtown Baltimore is a great place!

4. The Marriott Waterfront is a lovely hotel, but 24 bucks to park and $13 for one day of Internet access is INSANE.

Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

5. I wish I was 25 again, like my awesome roomie Amie .

6. Missing the Friday night reception was no fun - I missed my virgin POMtinis!

7. 5:45 AM is . Really, really early.

8. Walking around the city of Baltimore at 6:30 AM is actually kind of fun. Especially when you can gab with gals like Heather and Gail .

9. I wish I have a quarter of the energy that Jen has! That girl is so much fun!!

10. I look 4 months pregnant. Meh.

11. Fit bloggers make up the most awesome group of people I've ever met.

Fitbloggin conference

12. Roni is like the energizer bunny! I don't know how she does it all, but she does - and with excellence.


13. Oatmeal always tastes better when someone else makes it.

Oatmeal breakfast

14. New Balance continues to be my favorite shoe brand. Not only did they give us new shoes, shorts and socks at the conference, but we're getting their new toning sneakers in April!

15. I'm still a bit mystified by the whole SEO (Search Engine Optimization) thing.

16. If you want PR people and advertisers to find you, make sure your contact info is easily accessible on your blog.

17. It is really, really, really, hard to make a decent amount of money from blogging.

18. Wordpress is king...I think.

19. I wish I had the recipe for the mushroom soup they served at lunch - it was soooo good.

healthy lunch mushroom soup

20. Kidney stones hurt like hell! Mary should know - she missed the conference because of them , but not before I got to meet her and her awesomeness.

21. Jen , Marisa and JourneyBeyondSurvival are all even more incredible in person. I felt like I was meeting up with old, dear friends.

22. The Gruve is cool, slightly annoying (as it buzzes me while I'm typing this post!)...definitely addictive. More to come on this little gadget.

23. If you want to get a book published based on your blog, you need of unique visitors to your blog. Uh...yeah...I'll get right on that.

24. Meeting MizFit , YumYucky , Prior Fat Girl and Roni was like being in Hollywood and running into Angelina, Sandra, Halle, and Reese all at the same time. I was completely starstruck! Hence the absence of pictures - I could barely speak let alone snap a picture.

Now, it's back to the daily grind - armed with new blog know-how, new sneakers, a new motivation to stay active, and new friends to tweet with!

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