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What Have We Done to our Women?

Posted Aug 27 2010 10:30am

Photo Courtesy Rodrigo Basuare

Photo Courtesy Rodrigo Basuare

Being a woman isn’t always an easy job. On top of taking care of kids, managing a household and working a full-time job there is great pressure to have a look that society finds acceptable. At times, women may not only feel the pressure from the opposite sex, but from other women as well. It can be a constant competition to fit in and be better than the rest.

Putting vanity aside, there are positive aspects to having a good self image. Thinking of yourself in a positive light gives you the ability to carry yourself through your daily tasks and allows you to do so with confidence.

But has today’s culture pushed women too far causing them to obsess over the way they look?

An article titled “ Women’s Issues Then and Now ,” touches on an interesting study conducted by Glamour which states, “three-quarters of women aged 18-35 reported feeling too fat, while only one quarter of them could be so described.” The study goes on to say that almost 50 percent of surveyed women would choose to lost 10 pounds rather than landing their dream job or meeting their future love.

How did the priorities of our women get so skewed?

Although magazines and the media tend to only provide accolades to women of today who are thin enough or attractive enough, the average woman should not base her self image on appearance alone.

A woman’s self image can directly be related to her self worth. When a woman looks at herself with abhorrence, she may also think of herself as useless. The article “ Positive Self Image and Self Esteem ” says that, “improving your self-image…takes time and practice. Developing good self-esteem involves encouraging a positive (but realistic) attitude toward yourself and…appreciating your worth. Self-esteem isn’t self-absorption; it’s self-respect.”

While we all want to look good and be accepted, the important issue is our overall health. There are plenty of women today who may appear healthy and meet society’s weight requirements on the outside but are living completely unhealthy lifestyles. Attaining the so called ideal body image can be deadly. Some women resort to starving themselves or eating very little to be appealing to others.

What it boils down to is that being overweight is detrimental to your health. Health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol in women can be directly linked to being overweight. And when your physical health is in decline, your mental health will deteriorate as well. Your body and your mind are directly connected. One won’t work well without the other.

Our society should change the way they look at women. It should shift the focus to losing weight for health reasons, not for vanity. If there wasn’t so much pressure on us to look a certain way, maybe making a lifestyle change would be easier.

Just a thought.

This is an article from's Healthy Weight Loss and Fitness Blog .

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