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what has worked for me.

Posted by Seth M.

I love fat - butter, cheese, BACON (!). But I took a cue from a friend who avoids fat like it's the plague. I'm not that extreme. I simply stopped having cheese in my weekend breakfast eggs. Even post workout (you know, when I justified it by having "earned" it). The eggs still tasted great, veggies, ham, whatever you put in it worked. I don't miss it at all. Then I tried skipping the mayo on sandwiches. Skipping buttery sauces in favor of lighter seasonings. It all worked. A little at a time. I don't miss it. Now I am more selective about where & when I get my fat. Saving it for times It's really savory - like occasional good bacon or a great dessert. Salt and sugar you can get in other ways and still have great flavors. Give it a shot and if you keep at it you'll see. Good luck!
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I agree with you on this. I love fat, especially butter and ranch dressing, but have found alternatives that aren't too different or bad for that matter. But I think when you want something you should go for it. For example, if you really want bacon, just have some bacon rather than eating 10 pieces of turkey bacon trying to get somewhat satisfied....and yes, that example came out of nowhere.
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