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What foods are low in fat, sodium, carbohydrates and high in protein?

Posted by gf45

I am beginning a new lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.  I am looking for foods that are high in protein to keep me feeling full and satisfied.  I want these foods to be low in sodium, fat and calories.  Thanks for your answer
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eggs, broccoli, cottage cheese, plain greek yogurt, skinless boneless chicken breast, salad (use oils instead of dressing), any kind of meet should b good... ham and ribs are fatty thou... chicken is best.  cook with olive oil or almond or macadamia oil. alot of salmon  is good.  some veggies actually do have carbs in them.  broccoli and green b eans are best. if u REALLY want potatoes, a good substitute is butternut squash... with nothing on it.  everyone says fruit is good for you, but its high in carbs.  so eat fruit but not after 5pm at nite. and a good nite time snack is the greek yogurt or the cottage cheese. it keeps you full and supplies your body with protien and it takes longer to digest too :) the fruit during the day helps with a sweet tooth and also you could have low fat jello.  i started a new lifestyle 3 weeks ago and ive lost 10 lbs. i already worked out alot... so all that weight loss is from eating habbits. i have a body building competetor/trainor working closely with me, monitoring EVERYTHING i eat!  ps, take one day a week as a free day. eat whatever you want, but make sure its good quantity... it helps keep you sane and helps you avoid binge eating or falling off track. it also helps with your metabolism, so it helps you loose weight :) but only ONE day!  usually sundays work best for me. good luck :)
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