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What Eating Pattern Made You Become Overweight

Posted Aug 15 2013 6:38am

If you had to classify overweight women into different types of eating patterns that caused them to be overweight, how would you go about doing this? Would you think of people you know? Would you think more generally about the causes for being overweight? Would you use yourself as a point of reference?

What in your experience would be some of the patterns of eating that made women gain unwanted weight? Might they simply be overeaters, people who always eat too much? That could be one category. Or another defining characteristic could be eating too many fattening foods. There would certainly have to be a classification for binge eaters. Binge eating might be something the binge eater wants to keep secret, yet every woman knows of the phenomenon calling binging.  Then what about emotional eating? Would you have a separate classification for emotional eating? See how it goes?

So far we have classic overeating, eating too much calorie-rich food, binge eating, and emotional eating. What would you do about frequent snacking, eating between meals, nighttime eating, restrictive dieting and compensatory overeating, secret eating, and all the other possible variations of weight gaining eating? Would you classify women according to each of these weight-gaining methods too?

And what about women who have succumbed to more than one weight-gaining technique? Would you classify them as polyfood abusers like you would for a polysubstance abuser?

What’s the take away message you might ask? It’s ‘give all of this some thought’.


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