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What Does Being an Entrepreneur Have To Do With Women’s Weight Loss?

Posted Mar 24 2011 5:00am

Are you an entrepreneur? Well, it’s best that you are when it comes to losing excess weight.

Entrepreneur? Isn’t she a person who assumes responsibility for the inherent risks and the outcome of an enterprise or venture? Another way of putting it: she is a person who is self-employed. The premise here is that when you want to lose some weight, it is like you are self-employed. You make the decisions, run the risks, and have to create. You alone are responsible for the venture.

It’s been said so many times by so many people, “I don’t have the right personality for this. I don’t like taking risks. I prefer to take orders. I am not an innovator.” Therefore, I couldn’t possibly be an entrepreneur. So now what? If entrepreneurship is so important for successful weight loss—and remember, that’s the premise here—how can you make yourself into a weight-loss entrepreneur?

If you don’t have the personality for it, why not go into personality training? Is there such a thing? Yes. People do it all the time. Feeling shy and socially anxious is something that people work on and conquer. Learning how to channel anger positively is another personality transformation that people make. Being more loving. Having more patience. Being more creative. Self-change is a big part of our lives.

So when you try to lose weight and you make plans to retrain yourself away from those bad eating habits of yours, why not train yourself to increase entrepreneurship personality characteristics too.


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