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What Does a Western Diet Do to Your Fat Genes?

Posted Dec 07 2009 4:51am

3340435836_d347c3ce3dIt’s not too far off from the festive season, and as we all know one of the things that we tend to do at Christmas, is indulge in eating probably more food than we should do.

There is nothing wrong with that of course as it’s only once a year, but what exactly does eating like this do to our bodies? particularly our fat genes. Well according to a new recent report, foods that contain a lot of fat and sugar have the ability to turn on the fat storage genes on within our body.

So what tends to happen is you have a bit of a double effect, not only is it is harder for your body to deal with these type of foods.

They turn your body into a turbocharged fat storage system, mentioned in the actual report scientists discuss something called kappa opioid receptor. Which is something that tends to be switched, on when you eat foods high in fat and sugar

One of the researchers involved with the particular paper, said that when you over activate this particular receptor it tends to accelerate the onset of obesity. How they found that this actual mechanism worked was, by doing initial tests on mice, they had one group of mice where they turned the gene off. To see what the initial effect would be.

And they had a comparison group where the gene had not been turned off. They fed both groups of mice with a high sucrose diet. The group who had the gene not turned off started to gain weight, compared with the other group where it had been knocked off they stayed quite lean. And another aspect of this was their nutrition storage wasn’t as effective.


More research needs to be done in this particular field, but in years gone past when food would have been very scarce this sort of mechanism would probably have saved your life.

Now it’s probably working against you. Have you noticed that if you eat more sugary and fatty foods you fight like crazy to lose weight? well perhaps now we have an answer to this as to why it can be so difficult for people to lose weight if they are biologically turning their genes on to keep storing fat


Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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