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What Causes Your Weight-Loss Activities to Work

Posted Feb 04 2013 5:00am
Usually your functioning, even simple functions like grasping, touching, reaching for, pushing, are the result of the activity of neurons in multiple parts of your brain.

Can it also be true that the weight-loss steps you take are the result of multiple cognitive attitudinal, motivational, and emotional processes? 

Think about it. What makes you able to eat less food so that you can lose your unwanted weight? Yes, it’s sticking to your diet. But what are all the skills, attitudes, motivations, kinds of thinking, and emotions and so forth that go into the process of helping you stay on your diet?

You may find it helpful to make a list.

Attitude: Positive, Can do it
Emotion: Feeling good, feeling on top of, feeling supported by family, dealt successfully with frustrations
Motivation: Just have to do it this time, lots of energy
Skill: Been turning down temptations left and right, stuck to my diet over the weekend, learned  to ease up on my expectations, have learned to like my diet food
Thinking: Been much more goal-oriented in all my activities lately, clearer thinking

As you can see, this is a very positive list. Your list might not be as positive. You might have some things on your list that impede the process of weight loss. In any case, keep in mind that what you do in the weight-loss process is the result of multiple pathways that you have brought all together.
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