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What can YOU do in 100 days?...... Day 60 - Weigh In Day

Posted Oct 04 2010 3:00am
Last wt: 182.4
Today:   179.6
Lost!   -2.8 lbs

I'm sorry for the lack of posts last week but I had a rough week with this cough and cold (and there just wasn't anything new to report) ... but by Saturday I felt good enough to go to a boxing class at the gym down the street. I punched, kicked and mountain climbed my way through an hour and felt fantastic. So good that I signed up for the class. The class is 6 days a week, but because two of the classes are midday I will only be able to make 4 of the classes. Still a good start. At least now I will have more of a scheduled workout.

I'm excited about this. To make it even better, one of the trainers at the gym has offered to help me with my nutrition. She is coming over for an hour tomorrow afternoon and then she will do follow up every Saturday after our morning boxing class. I don't know what to expect.. .or if what she tells me will be more then what I know now. But I'm hoping it will at least keep me a little more mindful about what I am eating.

Being in that gym is a very good feeling. Everyone there is serious about the shape they are in. In honesty there are maybe a handful of out of shape people.. .the rest are UFC fighters, policemen, military and trainers. I may be a little bit intimidated by it all, but in a good way. I want to look like these people... and being there 4 times a week will help me stay focused on that.

I have boxing tonight at 6 .... I can't wait!

Seeing that its day 60 and I am still bouncing back and forth with the weight is a little disheartening... but I'll be honest. I always finish with a bang, even if its with a last minute shoot to the end. So I am looking forward to these last 40 days.
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