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What can I do to lose weight? I am disabled and limited in my movement. Are there any exercises I can do?

Posted by kim14622

I am very careful about what I eat, however, I still gain weight.  I am disabled, so exercise is out of the question. My disability stems from ruptured disc in my neck c5,c6,& c7. I also have degenerative bone disease.  I also have Kyphosis AND Lordosis.  I have severe nerve damage in both arms.  Can you please help??


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The best thing for you to do is seek the help of a physical therapist. If you do not move, you will continue to lose muscle mass which will make any  future movement even more difficult. However you do not want to damage yourself while exercising. Water exercise would be the safest but it is very difficult to get access to pools, especially those for people who are handicaped. You should also look on the web for suggestions; I have a friend who is  paraplegic and he does exercises for his upper body. There are many people who have similar problems to you and some may have found way to exercising while protecting themselves against injury . But start with someone who is a specialist if you can.
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