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What Can I do To Loose My Belly - Start Follow The Expert Ways From Today

Posted Aug 30 2009 1:10am

You might keep on thinking - what can i do to loose my belly?, especially when your waist size keep growing each time you go for shopping for pants. People probably tell you all about the crunches and other exercises they spend hours every week performing without seeing any tangible results.

If you are one of them , then the first expert response is you and other people out there who have been training for sometime most likely already have a reasonably developed set of abdominals but just the abs are covered by excess body fat.

Generally, men need to get below 9-10% body fat to really start to loose the belly and women need to get below 16-19% body fat to really loose their belly. However, everyone will differ depending on his or her body fat distribution.

FACT: Men tend to accumulate more body fat in the abdominal area, whereas women tend to accumulate more body fat in the hips and thighs.

Here are some of the expert advices that you should follow to looose your belly:-

Expert Advice #1 - Don't fall to low fat diet trick

  • Many health professionals suggest low fat diet for weight loss. Although you consume low fat diet , you will still struggle to lose weight because they tend to replace the fat calories they would have eaten with extra carbohydrates (particularly refined carbohydrates).
  • A larger quantity of refined carbohydrates in the diet will now trigger higher insulin levels, which will make you crave more carbs as your blood sugar crashes. This becomes a difficult endless cycle of craving refined carbs. This makes weight loss on a low fat diet very difficult.
  • Consuming a diet containing lower than 20% fat can detrimentally affect your weight loss efforts, your hormonal processes, your training performance, and many other bodily functions.

Expert Advice #2 - The best exercise to loose belly

The best exercises, which you should begin with are:

  • Hanging leg raises (with hunched back)
  • Lying leg thrusts (hip thrusts)
  • Decline bench leg thrusts (hip thrusts) and reverse crunches (crunching hips off floor)
  • Ab bicycles (alternating knees to elbows) and ab scissors
  • Stability ball crunches (weighted for progression) and Bench crunches

You can download the complete exercise at

Expert Advice #3 - Tips that lead to easy way to loose belly fats.

Tips #1 - Healthy diet starts from grocery store.

  • A healthy diet starts with the choices you make at the grocery store. First, it is a good idea to go to the grocery store on a full stomach, so you don’t make impulse purchases.
  • Second, plan your balanced meals for the entire week, so that you know exactly what you’re shopping for and you will pick up only the items you need to make those meals.

This way, you eliminate buying all of the junk foods and snacks that you don’t need. If you don’t have them around the house, you won’t eat them! If all you have is healthy foods around the house, then all you will eat are those healthy foods. It’s that simple.

Tips #2 - Shop for unprocessed foods

  • Focus your shopping on the outer portions of the grocery store where all of the more unprocessed foods are located like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, low fat dairy, etc.
  • There is no reason to eliminate or limit your consumption of any one food group or macronutrient (protein, carbs, or fat). Restrictive diets will always fail at some point.
  • All three macronutrients (as a side note, there are actually six categories of nutrients – carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water) serve important functions in our bodies, and when eaten in the right quantities and at the right times, promote a lean healthy body.

What I have shared with you is only part of the complete expert strategy  and there are other key ingredients steps, which will answer your question - what can i do to loose my belly.

You can visit my website - and download the complete guide, since I unable to share all the information here due to space limitation.

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