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What alcoholic beverage is the lowest in calories?

Posted by maryjayne

I am exercising regulary and have been watching my calorie count but it's Friday night after a loooong week and I want to let loose! What alcohol beverage would be the best to drink? I don't want to have wasted my entire weeks progress!
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There is no such thing as a good choice for that one.  Pretty much all alcohol is made from sugars in one way shape or form and they will all cost you any where from 100 to about 300 calories depending on your choice.  Obviously the lower calorie beers and drinks made with diet soda is going to be your best ally.

My suggestion...if unwinding is really you "prime motovation", run an extra 2 miles and get the endorphin high instead of the alcohol high and you'll feel totally relaxed and will have actually helped your cause on the weight loss front.

Either way, drink with moderation and you'll only undue your work a little bit.  Good luck!

Why don't you try a spritzer sort of drink. A wine spritzer will cost you about 100 calories but that should not be a problem if you have been watching calories and exercising. Or have a light beer. Just make sure you don't munch on the bar food or go out for something to eat  and find yourself eating a pizza. And if you are thirsty, water has no calories.
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