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What Affects Your Decision-Making in the Weight-Loss Process?

Posted Jan 05 2013 5:00am

You’ve probably noticed that any attempt you’ve made to lose those excess pounds required lots of decision-making. While decision-making is not considered a part of the weight-loss diet plan, it certainly should be.

How is your decision-making? How is it overall, and how is it when it comes to trying to lose some weight? Is there a difference?

Let’s just say for argument’s sake that when it comes to losing that unwanted weight of yours, you are on the anxious side. That’s a pretty good argument, don’t you think. Being anxious has to pretty much be the case if you’ve found it difficult to lose weight. So let’s just say that your anxiety level when it comes to trying to lose some weight is much higher than your plain old walking around kind of anxiety that you have for other aspects of your life. Now how would your weight-loss anxiety affect your decision-making?

Since feeling anxious is unpleasant and unwanted and makes you feel less in control, you might resist or avoid making decisions that make you anxious. For example, instead of deciding definitely to start dieting right after New Years like you resolved, you put it off and procrastinate until you find yourself in March not having started a diet, and you rush to diet before Spring is upon you.

Anxiety could also push you in another direction wherein you leave the decision-making to others. An example of this is when you let what everyone else wants supersede anything you want rather than rock the boat. Rocking the boat would make you too anxious. The consequence of keeping the peace this way could be lowered self-esteem that leads to compensatory eating.

Anxiety is certainly a bug-a-boo when it comes to decision-making. Yet decisions, lots of them, and good ones, are called for when you are trying to reduce your weight. It is impossible to lose weight without good decision-making. So be sure to add decision-making, which you now know tends to be affected by anxiety, to your weight-loss diet plan.


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