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What a week so far!

Posted Apr 15 2009 12:00am

So I am home from the hospital. All's well that ends well. I took a nice afternoon nap in my OWN Bed today! YAY!! The folks from work sent me a gorgeous plant and Christine sent me some beautiful tulips! Nice way to warm up the apartment!

The pictures are from the morning I left for the hospital and then today when I was in the hospital waiting to go home. Everyone was very impressed and very proud of me that I had lost so much weight before I got there. Said it is going to help make my recovery so much better because my liver was smaller. From the time I saw the surgeon for the consult, to the time I checked in, I lost 27 lbs! Sooo... the above number 280.4 now is my starting point- WITH 27 lbs down. :) Whooo hooo!!
So, the whole team was great! Saw the nurses, anesthesiologists and surgeon ahead of time. They moved right along- so no time to really get stressed out or weepy. I remember being rolled into the OR, teasing them that the pace we were going into the OR in- was a much better pace than running and slamming into doors like they do on TV! I remember them asking me a few questions in the OR then NADA until they called my name in recovery. (Jessica- I was safe.. they kept a good eye on me, and they all listened when I told them about your scary anesthesia stories!)
The nurses were great everywhere. Auntie sat with me most of the first day- and you guys know how well she updated everyone for me! THANKS Auntie!!
I had a sucky roommate- LOL she was noisy and watched TV all night- I like a totally quiet and DARK room to sleep in- but between her and the nurses waking me up all night- I couldn't WAIT to get home to sleep! The only complication was that the anesthesia really knocked my system for a loop and I couldn't pee! LOL I had to be able to do that before I was released. Thank goodness for my nurse Shelley who gave me a trick before they had to totally give me a catheter to go home with!! PHEW!
I walked quite a bit the past two days in the hospital. I really got going and did quite a few laps. They were impressed that I was moving right along. I just know that you are supposed to get up and get going in order to recover better.
So when the surgeon came by yesterday- I was still kind of out of it... but basically he told me that my pouch is smaller than the average pouch! WTF! LOL My dietician confirmed that it is possible, and that it is just about anatomy- how much room they have to make the pouch. He said that I will be able to follow the same program- just might get fuller even faster- so I will just really loose the weight fast! And he said it was a big grin on his face.
Took us a while to get the meds right- and I didn't realize how bad the pain was until it was finally settled and I didn't have as much. But the nurses were good about helping me out. I have some nice Vicodin now... and Auntie is here to help me make sure I get up and walk around.
It hurts, but not overly so. I have 6 small incisions that cut through muscle and tissue- lovely. I am trying to make sure I get deep breathes so my lungs recover, and I am trying to make sure that the gas pains from the surgery don't make me crazy (they blow you up with gas for laproscopic surgeries).
They fill you up with so much liquid that you actually gain weight in the hospital... so I won't weigh in again until at least Friday. So we will leave it at 27 lbs! :)
Thank you everyone for your love, prayers and support!!
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