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What a start to a new week! Sugar rush, entering contest, amazing workout

Posted Aug 25 2010 5:04am
Talk about a weird start to a week I tell you. Thought  I would blog about a few thoughts I have while my mind is fresh as I just now got back from my gym workout this morning.

First off Monday went really well..once again stayed clean on my so called "diet" until later that evening. Husband once again decides to take the kids for a little icecream at the local dairy queen and they ask if I would like to go.

So being that I "thought" I did the right research on the internet with the Dairy Queen products/ company I thought "sure why not" I planned on having just a little dilly bar I think they are called or something like that. From what I read it would only cost me like only 50 cals or something like that. So that was my firm plan.

When getting there, I ordered what they all wanted and then asked if they sell those bars separate because I have seen them in boxes in the freezer but being that my usual would be peanut buster parfait I really had no idea. "Yes" the girl said. "Ok. So I will take one of those". All proud about making the right choice, I get for everything and then turn around when looking at the cals on the back of the paper...230 something cals?? wtf man? I was so surprised and shocked. And at this point I paid and I didnt want the hassle so I just ended up making the fatal mistake and ate the damn thing. I complained the whole time to my husband saying "See, I just shouldnt have came". I should not have even eaten this stupid thing. Hubby says "dont worry you will burn it anyways. Relax"...Well..this choice that I made then sky rocketed my body once again into "out of control mode". That bar costed me much more then the 230 something cals that was displayed!

I ended up going then to the local shoppers and grabbed a nice bag of fresh licorice, my favorite and while at it since feeling like a fool, some crunchie cheezies another favorite, and made sure to clear them up over the 2 days. DAMN YOU.
I was so upset and then finally yesturday after I took a breath and a short break from my mouth chomping, I thought..ok, so  I made a couple of screw ups,  now take from it and learn from it and dont do it again!

Here is the thing that I learned now. I just cannot handle sugar. I am a sugar addict. If they had a sugar support group like they do for alchoholics I think i would join! Thats how bad it is.
Plain and simple and very easy to understand. Carbs prob could handle extra of those on my cheat days..but sugar man that crap it just does something to me that really I cannot help but go into overdrive.
So that was my hard lesson for the early part of this week. I can say goodbye to the plan of this week being one of eating compeletly least half.
Thank goodness I have another 3 weeks before going back on camera.

And another thing I wanted to talk about, was yesturday I decided to start making a mends with a few people in my life that I had some issues with. Becoming a better/stronger person on the inside/outside sometimes means facing some issues in the past and making your wrongs right again. Its important to make all the right adjustments in making yourself a better person. Its also important to learn to really let go and forgive and forget shake hands and move on. To not continue to hold on to negative feelings.
And thats just what I did. I reached out to a few people, which I am sure they were surprised by me doing so, but I genuinely did it because I needed to and it was just something that needed to be done I think. I needed to genuinely make things right again.

And its funny because then one of them, approached me before I was going to approach them which was really a weird coincidence. This person had no idea what I started doing earlier on that day. Perhaps that person had the same sort of idea..I dunno. But after going back and fourth with this person, and hearing each other out, getting whatever words out we needed to get out, we ended the conversation on a good note, and its been all levelled out the way it should have been a long time ago.
So that is a great thing! Another check on my list. All in all, things are going according to plan. I am getting more positive and stronger as the days go on.

Funny thing today at the gym, I really had again an amazing workout. Not sure if it was the crunchy cheezies but i tell ya, was able to up the weights once again. I think my friends (muscles) are really starting to want to come out and play again. And its so exciting! After the weight routine I finished it off with 30 minutes on the bike. Have I ever mentioned to you all how i really HATE that machine. I hate it so much. I cannot stand it and it takes everything in me to ride it through for the 30 minutes on days where I am weight training. But I chose to do this certain cardio machine on my weight days because my legs really need some serious slimming down. Like I have mentioned before I tend to carry my weight more lower, better in a sense where there is not so much (around my heart stomach area) but really BAD because my legs get huge really quick! And huge as in not muscular. Lets get that straight, huge as in MASSIVELY big..LOL at least in my eyes.

And since gaining weight my legs seem to have gotten just terrible. I look at them and just shake my head in disgust. So i figured more biking should help firm them up and trim them as well. Cant hurt anyways.

But there is just something about that machine (bike), and everytime I get on I just feel like kicking the crap out of it, I hate it that much. LOL
But, I managed to keep it going despite my feelings, and rode it right through. Actually went up in that as well as far as numbers. I am up to level 11, and can do that for 30 minutes and an rpm of 90 which has really increased. Step by step I am getting there friends.

And when done, its so funny cause I got off the machine today and I strutted out of there as if I was this VIP person high on life. I smiled to myself and people thought I was crazy.  But I just couldnt help it because I know damn well I have a ways to go, but it was nice to just pretend I was there already. LOL
Its all in the mind;-)

Oh and the gym has this contest that they do, where everytime you complete 5 days I think at the gym you get a ballot to win 1000 dollars and they make monthly draws. It caught my eye at the front and I asked..oh whats this about? God knows I can use the money. And they explained it to me. And given that she knows I have been going everyday up until this point, she gave me 3 ballots to fill up to start off with and every friday I will make sure to grab another one when finishing my week. Now that would be a nice reward for myself that doesnt cost me any calories at least!! One that would go really hand in hand with some hopefully great numbers after a month now wouldnt it;)
Ah, You never know! Would be even nice if it was around the 16th of september. That would really be a sign for me. Chances are small, but you wouldnt have any chance at all if you dont enter. Would be great to win though!

Other then that, nothing much else to report on at this point. I have been feeling really awsome, I have decided to cut the disease completely (sugar) which obviously my body cannot handle. This is something I should have known but cannot turn back time can only look ahead. So no more of those sweety treats for me of any kind. I cannot allow something silly like that to slow me down on what I am looking at accomplishing.
I will just carb it more on those cheat days..and now I should be able to get through a week of clean eating by just avoiding my enemy..the "sugar rush"

High fives people
cheers to health
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