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What a Difference A Minute Makes!

Posted Jun 30 2011 12:00pm

After going to the doctor and she gave me some anti-coughing medication I'm nearly back to my old self!  Some of the articles over the past few weeks were painful to write, and I'm sure even more painful to read.  It is difficult to come up with exciting and driving content when you are hacking up a lung while writing.  Those days are over now and you can once again look forward to reading exciting material daily here!

Kurtis Lort:
"Once again?  Hate to be the breaker of obvious news moron, but no one noticed any drop in quality over the past 2 weeks.  To be clear, it sucked just as much as the rest of your trash!"

On to today's run though.  I was running along listening to AC/DC when all of a sudden I noticed a guy bringing out his trash.  Right before I was about to pass him, he turned around and I thought it was one of those "He didn't want an awkward hello with the random runner." deal.  I get these often, and sometimes not even when I'm running, so I really didn't pay much mind to it.  I was running through a culdesac in suberbia and all of a sudden I saw an SUV peeling out on one of the lawns and then driving straight over a garbage can knocking the trash everywhere, I now noticed several other neighbors coming out of their house as well.

The woman driver eventually came to a stop and I made sure to note the license plate as I saw a bunch of other neighbors coming out.  While I hate to stereotype, but the woman driver came out of her car, she looked like a moron and had this "Oh man, now I'm going to be personally inconvenienced!" face about her.  I would bet dollars to doughnuts that she was texting on her phone to cause this accident.  As I continued on my run, I was able to piece together exactly what her car did, and I was amazed someone could lose control of their car for that long in an area where it would have been nearly impossible to go faster than 30.  She lost part of her bumper hitting a tree on the right side of the road, she then kept going and slammed into a bunch of garbage cans and part of a fence on the left side of the road, she then kept going, slammed into more garbage cans on the right and continued about 20 feet onto someones lawn.  At that point, the person continued and went back onto the road, tearing up the person's lawn.  I saw the car from this point, as it drove directly over a filled garbage can and then stopped on the road.

This all happened at about 7:00, and I run right through the pinball machine part of where this driver went through every day at that time.  If I was a minute faster or left a minute earlier, I would have certainly had a good reflexes test.  Also, it's very good that the kids are now on summer break as if it was a week earlier, there would have been about 5 kids walking there at that exact time.  This alleged texting woman certainly lucked out today.  
There is about a .75 mile loop that I do there and it brings me back to that same road.  When I was running back on there again I saw all of the neighbors cleaning up their trash by the time I got back.  This meant that the woman that hit all the trash, the tree, and teared up the lawn, after stopping and talking to all the angry people that came out, didn't clean up a thing.  I guess this is just how things go.  I would like to know more about what happened, but probably never will.

Ken Evisor:
"I told her to wait another minute!  Next time."

Tip O' The Day:
Even on sunny days, bad drivers can kill you in an instant.  Stay aware of the drivers around you!

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