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Wet Wednesday

Posted Oct 12 2011 12:16pm


Here’s what has me all tingly today, in both good and bad ways!


Girl With Curves . You can thank GWC for today’s eye candy! I’ve been reading her Tumblr for about a month now and love her style and just her pictures. (Is that creepy? Sorry…I’m not sorry .) She’s just stunning!

“All the Single Ladies.” This article in The Atlantic is long and kind of dense — and covers so many things, maybe too many — but it’s worth working through!  A lot of the points were things I had already read in Sex at Dawn and Marriage, a History , but there was a lot of new and fascinating info and food for thought in the article as well. Seriously, there are so many points for discussion in this article; you’ll have conversations starters with your friends and significant other for days!

Puppy class graduation. I’m so excited it’s over; I feel like Eric and I lose two nights a week of doing anything fun together or even just running errands together because of two nights of classes each week. In preparation for tonight’s class — which is going to involve graduation hats, something I can’t say I support — I’ve been working with Chuck every night. Last night it felt like we were cramming for exams. He can do everything but I’m a little concerned about “shake” — it’s the newest trick they learned and it’s his weakest. None of the other dogs in the class really seem to have this one down so I’ve been working with him because, well, I want to feel superior.


Allergies. When I tell people I had to miss a day of work last week due to my awful allergies, the first thing they say is, “I didn’t know you had allergies!” Uh, I DIDN’T EITHER. Apparently it’s one of those Texas things I didn’t know about. The problem is that I don’t know how exactly to have allergies. I don’t know what’s causing them (although on Saturday morning, my car was covered in an inch of pollen, so that should tell you something) or how to treat them.

I started out by taking Benadryl at night, when the allergies were the worst. Unfortunately, I took it at like midnight, so the next morning I was pretty much stoned for the first three hours of my day at work. OK…won’t be making that mistake again. I started taking the Benadryl at night around 7 PM and that got me through till the morning. It was still a struggle to get up at 7 AM, but it was a start.

Emily  said if I want to take Claritin (the drug name “loratadine” for those of us who buy generics) before bed to make sure it wasn’t a “D” or “non-drowsy”  because that is what would keep me up. I didn’t get “D” but for some reason, probably just the fact that medicine aisles are overwhelming, I did get a non-drowsy…so I decided I’d use that during the day. But then somehow I got confused and thought that was my nighttime one…so then I went and bought some Clairitin-D for daytime. I thought the D was a good idea because the main problem I have is a bad headache (plus really, really itchy ears and watery eyes) and the D is supposed to help with that. It did a half-assed job, which is annoying, considering it costs like $9 for five Walgreens-brand pills and I had to give them my ID like I’m some kind of criminal.

So yesterday I went to the doctor and he recommended Allegra, as had my other friends who understand allergies because they’ve had them for a while. Last night I bought Allegra (D? No D? I can’t even remember at this point, but I think it’s 12-hour D) for daytime. Then I came home and, overwhelmed by my four types of allergy medications and not in the mood to pass out hard from Benadryl, I took the loratadine because for whatever reason, I thought this was my Benadryl alternative. Within a few hours, I was talking really fast, giving the impression I’d just taken four Adderall and washed them down with Red Bull.

So…I didn’t sleep last night. I feel like hell today.

My ears itch.

And I was so out of it this morning from the lack of sleep that I forgot to take the Allegra before I left the house.


When I get bothered, I get really bothered.

What’s on your list today?

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