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Went up 2.5 pounds

Posted Dec 19 2007 3:38pm 5 Comments
Might even go up more since it's my birthday and I'll have eaten out twice all day. We'll see what the scale says tomorrow.
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That's okay. And maybe it's not what you think; are you sure you haven't just gained muscle? Sometimes you gain muscle and it seems like you're gaining weight but in the end, your clothes are fitting better and you come to realize what's really going on! If not, 2.5 pounds could be due to a lot of things: yes, a slight weight gain or water retention maybe. You'll figure it out and I'm sure you'll get right back on track soon!
Thanks for the uplifting words. It could very well be water retention. At the same time, it's very hard for me to stay on a healthy eating track this time of year, not only with the holidays, but with my birthday, my boyfriend's, and several friends' all within days of each other. Each year after New Year's Day, though, my body is begging for a detox. I always feel ten times better after that.
Can I ask what you do for a detox? I bet my body could use one of those after the holidays!
My after holiday detox is staying away from anything that even resembles what I ate for the holidays. I love yogurt, but with all the goodies, coffee, and other things around the office in the winter, its usually the last thing I grab. So after Jan. 1, I go for yogurt and cereal for breakfast and/or lunch, sometimes salad or a light sandwich for lunch, and a sensible dinner. Snacks are limited to fruit. Absolutely nothing sweet. Within a week, my body is pretty much rid of the brick-in-my-stomach feeling, and it's wonderful.
Part of it is probably water weight from extra salt and carbs. You'd have to consume an extra 8750 calories if you actually gained that much.
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