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Well, happy to say I am back to 22lbs lost....

Posted Oct 13 2011 6:42am
Hey everyone. Happy to come on and report this morning that according to my own scale I am back basically where I was at 22lbs lost. It actually didn't take my body long to lose those extra numbers due to changing of foods and not a good week last week regarding as you can imagine I am really HAPPY about that and relieved! I didn't kick my ass for that month to just gain it all back again! No sir ree bob! It has set me back a little, and in the end might hurt me a weeks' worth of numbers...but this is a life long commitment, so whats a week? who cares.

This current week, has been actually really nice for a change and much more relaxing. I have not gone to the gym this week, only because I suppose I wanted to just get back on track concerning my food (so so important) less the stress of running. I am sure you can all relate that when you have a big cheat or you have a week that is a little bit off, its that much HARDER to get yourself mentally back on. Wouldn't you agree? The food doesn't hurt you as much as the mental hurt.

Its so easy to slip right back down, and to keep going in the wrong direction. So easy to get comfortable again with the "easy way out" of eating and not making those RIGHT choices that you KNOW you need to make and that you CANNOT afford NOT to be making in order to better your life, and become that healthier person you want to become.

But I have actually really enjoyed this week just being able to get up, get the kids ready, make their breakfasts', due the chores I do each morning and just be more RELAXED about it all. I know I will have to get back to the gym again sooner then later, but I just wanted to concentrate this week on my number 1 first priority which was getting my numbers back and getting myself going on the right track again with food, all stress free while doing it. So the fact that I was able to accomplish that without exercise speaks volumes!

I am thinking of going back to the gym today. But as I told my friend Rozalie I think I am going to slow down at the gym once again, bring it down yet another notch. I will still do my workouts, but I want to shift my main focus on just continuing to get my body to move for a certain amount of time steadily (30-45 mins per day), and do some weights as well to maintain muscle, to not lose it.

As we age, we lose muscle and doing just cardio..well that doesn't help. Its important for even women to incorporate the "weight" part of working out. Doesn't mean you have to go really heavy, but keep working them! That's what I think I am going to do from now on. Not so heavy..but just to keep them strengthened.

So I may go today later on around noon, do my cardio and a quick set of weights. I want this to be long term guys and so should you!! Whatever diet you find works best..just continue to follow it and get some exercise in there, even if not that long as far as time wise (I would say to aim for 30 mins at least)...but you want continued success for the LONG term. The best way to accomplish that I think is to do it as stress free as possible. Remember that.

You want something that will work for you for many years..not just something that will work for you for months because as soon as its over...the pounds will just creep right back on again and we want to try and avoid that as much as possible. So its best to do something that will suit your lifestyle in general without changing it dramatically while you strive to get to your goal weight.

I suppose the best way to see if you are really doing it right this time around is to just ask yourself a honest question when you are incorporating whatever weightloss strategy after a month or so once you have gotten used to your routine or eating habits....

Is this something that I will be honestly able to keep up later on? And make sure when you ask this question to yourself that you consider both aspects ....the diet and the amount of exercise you are putting in.
You should be able to come up with your own answer if you should be tweaking your diet or exercise habits. Its whatever is best for you in the end..not john next to you, or sally who works out like a mad woman as I used to do before...but YOU. Its almost like closing out the world, knowing what your wants are as far as physically changing (cause this varies remember from person to person) knowing what you want as far as a reasonable weightloss goal physically...and then doing what you have to do to get there in a way that you know will work long term.

IF working out like a crazy horse and pumping those weights hard will work best for you..fantastic...but if your someone like me looking for LONG term weightloss..then you should I think be having a different approach!

At 37 years old, I don't plan on being a bodybuilder, nor do I plan on running a Marathon cause I hate HATE running lol. My whole goal is to get to a considered reasonable healthy weight according to my OWN body, not stats that tell me I should weigh like 125lbs..ya sure. What a joke! I would be toothpick thin. I know my body and where abouts it should be, and even if you don't have a number per say, you can always just judge by looking at yourself. Where you are happiest, where you feel the most healthy, where you will be able to say "ya, I can keep this weight going"
I may want to stop at 165lbs or 170...honestly its your own personal choice that it comes down to. The worst thing we do is to keep going up and down.... up and down in numbers. I think this just really hurts your body in the end and is way worse for you as far as the health aspect. You are better off staying at 165lbs (a little higher) but to be able to continue maintaining that number, to continue to work out each day even if for 30 minutes, and to continue to eat more healthy at least 90% of the time, and to be just in general HAPPY...that is when you can say that YOU HIT THE JACKPOT!

But my OWN personal good for me weight, one to maintain which I chose for now is to aim for is 150lbs. And to just really try this time to keep it there. I say for now because this might change as I go on, I may want to be a little higher..i don't know.

You can never really know by just using numbers because in the end its how you look and how you feel and where you are happiest!
To be able to laugh and play and be active with your kids, being the kind of mother and role model they deserve, but to also be able to feel sexy and hot for your husband in the bedroom, to stand tall and to be able to carry that confidence with you throughout your day and even how you present yourself onto others and how you dress the part. To be able to actually GIVE A SHIT about yourself for a change instead of just for others (our kids and husbands friends and family) Sorry for the language but that's what it comes down to. Me being a mother like many of you reading...we always ALWAYS leave ourselves for the end don't we. I sware  I still wear old joggers everyday to save money so that my kids have better. LOL

But later on to be able to shop at any store you want..not those "bigger size" clothes stores anymore!

If I/you can even fit into a size 14-15...well guess what? You are in what is considered the "normal store" now. That is just AWESOME in itself!

You don't have to set your standards and ideas so high..set them at just small goals until you are happy so that you are not disappointed in the end because you set a goal that was just too hard for you to get to, or most importantly to maintain.
But imagine, no more high paying cost of clothes that carry the XXX feature! To walk into any store and not have to try clothes on ONE AFTER ONE AFTER ONE..sadly and disappointed putting them all back cause they just don't fit right :-( we have all been there. Done that but whats marvelous is that we have it in our hands and minds to change all that! It really comes down to how bad do you want it, and why do you want it?

But in the process we don't have to stress out to get to that point. It will come. Just take a breather and continue on your path. Even if you are just losing 1-2 pounds a week..  able to continue to move daily for 30 minutes a day and commit to that, setting little goals to keep you mentally going....while keeping the bigger goal in the BACK of your mind you will get there. And again DON'T SET SO HIGH EXPECTATIONS. If you have a cheat here or there...ENJOY the HELL out of them! Just get back on the very next day is key. Who wants to cheat and feel miserable about it WHILE CHEATING. WHO wants to count WHILE cheating or keep track on what you are eating..NOT ME. My cheats arent every day so damn straight I will enjoy them like all the other "normal" people out there.

I will not put a label on myself like that.and neither should you.."well Rosy you are on a diet or watching so you shouldnt be having this you are not allowed to or you dont deserve" screw that! Key..keep it controlled. This is why I have that regulated 1 day a week cheat...I do well for 6 days and can have whatever I like on the 7th...I would rather this then cheat a little bit each day because its easy to have that get out of control. But if mentally you know its once a week..and you keep that as a routine will get easier! Routine Routine makes a huge difference long term. Getting a good habit going.

People who have weight issues don't work well with stress, we are better I think at slowing it down a little which is just what I plan on doing from here on in. But incorporating some extra foods has actually worked out well so far. I am really pleasantly surprised. But again, choosing wisely..clean foods friends for the most part. I wish Visalus had these support groups that would incorporate shakes with eating throughout the day too! They would be such a great add on for women all over the place! People would lose big time and feel so much happier. I should bring that up to blake the cofounder of Vi! LOL Speaking from someone who knows and been there and knows the difference...but cant talk to him so will have to use weight watchers support line for now. In the past, I would get so bored with using the points system or weightwatchers, or would even start getting hungry..but its all balanced now because I am still using Vi!! I am not FAMISHED anymore so can make 100 times better choices throughout the day HUGEEEE difference!!! I almost find it hard to even get all my points in for the day..and i am using the old system as far as how many points to have which is much lower then what they are telling me now...but its working and I feel great!!

So right now I am getting the best of both worlds...I have my Vi shake in the morning and it gives me the vitamins and minerals I need and is quick and so satisfying and helps control my food for the rest of the day, but I also now get to have a few other foods throughout the day, keeping my metabolism going throughout which in turn should give me continued weightloss!

Just to let you know I will just continue to post on Fridays my own weighins from here on will get really complicated if I started posting my weight loss on Fridays as I have been doing, and posting the weight loss with weightwatchers on a different day especially for any newcomers to my blog...

But what I will do is always post any stars or anything else i get...just to show you that I am still going to weight watchers words needed. I will be bringing home whatever they have for me as I go on...:-) Together we will win this fight! I'm bringing it home friends Im bringing it home !
Have a great day....and remember to drink alot of water and keep your body hydrated! :-D
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