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Weight Watchers and counting points

Posted by myisha b.

Im wondering if there is anyone out there who is doing Weight Watchers and how it is going for them. I have been on it for about 5 days now and its amazing how many points i was actually eating. its been kind of rough for me this week trying to find things to eat under the point system but i am still sticking to it. my comittment with diets is not very long. a week or two and i usually quit so i think that i am doing ok. im glad my sister recommended me here, i think this will make my goals easier and better to track. Have any advise Im all ears!
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Myisha - I did weight watchers after my first baby (and still wearing maternity clothes when she was 8 months old). That time I lost 35 pounds. I am now on round two (after baby #2)... and it's much easier since I've done it before.

One thing that helped a LOT was to figure out what times of day were the hardest for me and what foods I most missed. Once I knew these things, I could plan to eat (ww friendly) foods that satisfied those cravings and at the time I needed them (around 2-3pm and 9pm at night). I'm a carbohydrate, chocolate/caramel, dairy person and I've got LOTS of things that I can suggest to you to eat -- if these are your tough areas.

Good luck!! It really works once you get the hang of it.

I've done Weight Watchers. There's tons of stuff you can eat. It's about finding a healthier way to eat it. Having salad with your meals or a zero point vegetable soup will help you feel more satisfied. Just keep at it and you'll do fine.
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