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Weight Room, Shmeight Room

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:17pm
So I stepped on the scale this morning to see how things are going this week. I cannot believe that it is showing another -3 lbs down from Monday! Holy frig! AND even though I've been exercising, I've been overeating my supper points. So that is encouraging! I don't want to get too attached to it though, because we all know how much our body's fluctuate.

I went for my walk yesterday at lunch time and I cannot tell you how great it was. It was +9 here and it was sunny and it felt like Spring. It's going to be close to that today too, only with some showers in the morning ending at lunch time. So I'm hoping that the showers will stop by my lunch time so I can take advantage of the nice weather and get another walk in at lunch.

I went to the gym yesterday after work too. It was of course packed. I decided on the stationary bike for 20 mins for a little cardio and leg workout. I want to be easy on the impact exercises since I'll be going for a run with Roxy and Sarah tomorrow night. So after the bike (which ended up being more of a muscle burn in the legs than cardio), I did crunches and made my way to the weight room. There are two weight rooms at the DalPlex: one that is more of a circuit training set up and another real body building type of a room that's much bigger and doesn't see very much estrogen. In fact, it's always loaded with guys in their 20's. It's an intimidating place, especially for a girl who wants to lose weight. There was not even a free machine or mat in the less intimidating circuit weight training room and there were people standing around. But I didn't want to turn around and go home just because the circuit room was packed, so I made my way up to the other one. They have only "heavier" weights there, so I had to go in the storage closet where they keep the steps, mats etc. to get the lower free weights (trick learned from the personal trainer I was working with). I grabbed two 5's and two 2's (to try to make up 7 in each hand) and made my way to the testosterone zone. No word of a lie, there was at least 40 people there and I counted 3 other girls (all of whom were very fit and giggly doing their ball exercises with another guy who was equally enjoying the giggle session). I wanted to turn around. But then I said to myself that these people have no idea who I am nor do they really care. They might look at me and judge me as a "resolution" girl trying to lose the weight, but I seriously don't care what they think. The only person it matters to is me. I'm the only person affected if I do or don't do the workout. Once I leave that room, those people will forget about me and I have no reason to care what they think of a girl who is trying to lose weight and get into shape. So take THAT all you judgmental skinnies! hrrrmph!

I did some basic arm and minor shoulder exercises with the weights and the ball and that was all. I am going to email that trainer I worked with before because I still have 3 sessions that were paid for by my insurance company left to use and I need a new program, and/or I need her to help me get the exercises right again. I am forgetting proper form etc. and that is really important working with free weights. I am going to email her today.

So I'm pretty proud. Today I'm not going to the gym, but I'm doing a lunchtime walk and a 40 min power walk with Lucy after work. So tomorrow's run should be a doozy and I'm excited about that too. :-) (Still girls, I'm scared!)
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