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Weight management tip: Use (don't lose) your mind

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

Here are some secrets of a thinking woman's diet plan. It's your thinking after all that makes the most difference and gives you dieting support and weight loss motivation like nothing else.

It's how you think, when you think, and what you think.

How do you think about your mood, for example? What if you have a bad day dieting and bad-day-dieting equals bad mood? Can you think your way out of this by imagining what could have been instead of dwelling on what was? If you take this step just in your own mind, does that lift your mood?

What if you think failure's rightful place is to be unexpected and unwanted? What if you  think of success as to be expected? Can you counter these thoughts so that they are no longer hard and fast beliefs?

When do you do your thinking? Is it when you have sufficient energy to do so? Or do you wait until your energy is depleted because you haven't thought or planned well in the first place?

The best dieting support comes from inside you, from your thinking, not just from what you do or don't eat.

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