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Weight Management and Fitness Forum - 9th Edition

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:16pm

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum . I must apologize for publishing this edition a week late. I had some unexpected distractions arise. However, we have some good selections for this edition, and we hope they are worth the wait.


Alfa Mercado presents Three Exercises To Help Prepare You For Your Ski Trip posted at Wellbeing Coaching for Busy Professionals Greg Hollings

FitBuff presents 4 Tips on How to Live Longer posted at's Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog , saying, "Human nature, combined with our survival instinct, drives us to seek out tips and information on how to live longer. Until someone locates the proverbial fountain of youth, there are four easy things you can do, starting today, to make sure you meet your grandkids' kids..."

Tim Wright presents Study Shows Video Game Exercise Not As Healthy As Real Thing … Duh! posted at Total Health Work , saying, "Comments on research about health benefits of video sports games."

General Health


Samuel Bryson presents Cycling and your wellbeing: posted at Total Wellbeing

Hueina Su presents My Young Living Story and Exciting News posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul , saying, "Ever since a health scare last summer, I've found the tools to help me regain my physical & emotional health. My husband and I are amazed at the turnaround I've made since last winter. Here's my healing journey and some exciting news to share."

Jose DeJesus MD presents Chronic Neck Pain Patients - Danish Study Describes Effective Treatment posted at Physician Entrepreneur


Tupelo Kenyon presents Is Food Your Medicine or Poison? posted at Tupelo Kenyon , saying, "Food is not what it used to be. In the relatively recent past, food was universally recognized as the fruits and nuts that grow on trees, the vegetables that grow out of the soil, plus some fish and game. If you were to take a ride in a time machine and show our ancestors what we eat today, they would recognize very little of it. For the most part, it’s over-packaged, over-processed, over-rated and under-nourishing. Every day, we choose our future health and vitality by what we choose to put in our mouths. Three times a day we have the opportunity to act upon our resolve to experience optimum health and vitality . . . at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bon appetit. (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus song selections with lyrics related to each article – all free."

Carey Yang presents Experience the #1 Antioxidant Power to Fortify, Replenish and Rejuvenate Your Body posted at Carey for Fitness

Abdulrasool Sumar presents Eat Fruits & Vegetables - Prevent Cancer and Stay Healthy posted at Mesothelioma Cancer , saying, "If you read our article on how Gardening & Good Diet lead to Less Lung Cancer Risk, you will see that good diet & gardening can reduce your risk of developing lung cancer by 40 - 46%! In this article, we explain how to set up your diet so as to maximize the number of fruits and vegetables you consume in any given day. The American Cancer Society suggests that you eat 5 servings of these foods every day. Here is a sample menu to incorporate to your diet each day without taking on extra expenses"

Weight Loss

andrew784 presents Project Weight Loss posted at Personal Hack , saying, "Please help support me to lose weight by implementing healthier eating and exercising habits. You can support me by checking out this blog post which includes my public weight loss commitment and leaving a comment, thank you :)"

Leisel presents 4Mind4Life.Com » Fitness posted at 4Mind4Life.Com , saying, "This article will tell you exactly what needs to be done for healthy weight loss!"

Sara presents Free 8 Week Bally Fitness Membership & More! posted at Be Thrifty Like Us

Steve M presents The real secret of weight loss posted at Weight Loss Weapons , saying, "This is the secret to successfully losing weight and keeping it off. (not

pills or expensive programs)"

Anmol Mehta presents Healthy Ayurvedic Diet To Burn Fat & Lose Weight posted at Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment & Kundalini Yoga , saying, "Using the wisdom of Ayurveda, the ancient Eastern science of healing, to determine what to eat in order to reduce weight naturally and be healthy."

Susan presents The Good Mood "Diet" and Travel posted at The Innovative Traveler , saying, "Weight maintenance and travel"

Dan Taylor presents Getting Lean: Taper Your Late-Day Calories posted at The 45-Year Old Six Pack

That concludes this ninth edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum . We hope you enjoyed the selections and please look for the next edition to be published on February 2nd. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form . Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page .

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