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Weight Management and Fitness Forum 71st Edition

Posted Aug 15 2010 1:48pm

Welcome to the 71st edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. We hope you enjoy these selections and come back to Weight Master for our next edition and other informative posts.

Jennifer Meyer presents 50 Excellent Public Health Videos on YouTube posted at Master of Public Health .

Lauren Dzuris presents Advice for Exercising While Pregnant posted at Lauren , saying, "Learn what advice you should take before exercising while pregnant."

Bobbie Walker presents 50 Fabulous Food and Recipe Links For Diabetics posted at BSN Degrees , saying, "Diabetics need special guidance when it comes to diet and nutrition. Luckily, the Internet has made it easy for diabetics to access healthy, delicious recipes as well as learn about their condition and the way they should eat."


great_blog presents Exercising On A Budget - Living Fit, Healthy and Happy posted at Living Fit, Healthy and Happy , saying, "In this article I'm going to provide a list of some simple exercises that you can do right at home. And for the most part, they won't cost you a cent. The only things you have to spend are a little bit of your time and some effort and in return you will reap the benefits of a healthier body."

Andrew Edgington presents Anabolic Steroid Cycle Training Advice posted at Mick , saying, "Mick Hart - Hardcore bodybuilder, author of two anabolic steroid best selling books, steroids and bodybuilding magazine publisher. Follow his Steroid Training Advice to develop SAFE huge muscles."

Brown Sylvia presents The Future of Food: 10 Scary Facts About “Nano Foods” posted at .

Jenny Stowe presents 10 Ways to Improve Your Memory posted at Masters In Healthcare .

Larry Dignan presents 30 Common Chemicals You Don’t Even Know You’re Eating posted at .

Maureen Denard presents Top 50 Blogs for Marathoners posted at MSN Degree , saying, "Through these 50 excellent blogs by and for marathoners, a picture emerges. It’s a picture of a full-time college student who runs to stay fit, a single working mom who runs to relieve stress, an ultramarathoner whose weekend isn’t complete without some sort of long distance race, and a man who took up running to regain his youth and found a passion instead."

Graham Alice presents Everything You Need to Know to Become a Barefoot Runner posted at Massage Therapy Schools .

Uma Numan presents Top 10 Benefits of Massage Therapy posted at Massage Therapist Schools .

Steve Faber presents Why Do Muscles Get Bigger When You Lift Weights ? (And How to Maximize the Effect) posted at Belly Fat Loser , saying, "There is nothing like lifting weights for making those muscles grow. Here is why they grow and what you can do to maximize the effect (no, it's not 'roids!)"

General Health

Joey Bishop presents 50 Free Resources to Learn About Medical Privacy posted at Master Of Health Administration , saying, "This list of 50 free resources to learn about medical privacy, from information about personal health records to organizations that advocate for the patient, can help you learn more about why privacy issues are such a concern."

Rona Burstein presents How Often Do Doctors and Hospitals Make Mistakes? 25 Startling Studies with Answers posted at Master Of Health Administration , saying, "Even with all the advances in medical technology, human error accounts for a surprising amount of medical mistakes. Here's a list of some startling studies."

Heather Sanders presents 50 Excellent Public Health Videos on YouTube posted at Master of Public Health , saying, "Public health should be a concern to every citizen. To this end, these fifty videos contain important information and messages about public health."

Brown Sylvia presents 50 Best Blogs for Beating Food Addiction posted at .

Canika Jackson presents Nursing Care Plans on the Web: The Ultimate Roundup posted at RN To MSN Programs , saying, "This article and list of 25 nursing care plans on the Web is, basically, the ultimate roundup of nursing care plans, samples and "how-to" instructions for writing your own plans for your caregiving and nursing tasks."

Brown Sylvia presents 30 Best Blogs to Learn More About Acupuncture posted at .

Hoven Keith presents Top 25 Incredible Age Progression Tools Online posted at Masters in Gerontology , saying, "You can avoid needing a great deal of care if you are careful to take good care of yourself right now. Here are 25 age progression tools that can help you stay on top of your health — and see what different habits might do to you."

Ferrari Dude presents Top 25 Google Android Apps for Public Health Professionals posted at MPH Degree , saying, "The following top 25 Google Android apps for public health professionals include health apps, communication apps and apps that could make any public health professional’s work and social life more convenient."

Dallas Burrows presents 20 Fun and Useful Wii Games to Help You Stay Healthy and Fit posted at RN To MSN Programs , saying, "Instead of seeing video games as a plague to human health, some nurses and doctors are beginning to see merit in certain types of video games. Here are 25 Wii games that can help you stay healthy and fit"

Amanda Radcliffe presents Top 10 Most Famous Surgeons In History posted at Online Surgical Technician Courses , saying, "Surgeons have one of the toughest and most rewarding jobs. These famous surgeons were quite influential, and earned fame by saving lives at work every day."

Victoria Kennedy presents Top 25 BlackBerry Apps for Public Health Professionals posted at Masters of Public Health , saying, "Public health professionals have many different esponsibilities. Advances in technologies can help take away some of the pressure of these responsibilities."

Jenny Stowe presents 10 Signs You’re a Hypochondriac posted at Masters In Healthcare .

george.janet866 presents Top 50 Birth Control Blogs posted at Best ultrasound technician schools , saying, "Birth Control is both an important and controversial topic. As a result, there are many excellent blogs about it. Here are the top 50."


Lizzie presents Top 10 Power Foods on a College Budget posted at College Girl Fitness .

Ron Delfs presents Top 10 Food Items Made From Soybeans posted at Environmental Science Degrees .

Carrie Oakley presents 100 Awesome Blog Posts for Eating Healthy on a Budget posted at Online Colleges , saying, "Browse the following blog posts for excellent tips (and recipes!) on how to beat the bulge without compromising cash; and take the extra time to look over the other features on these sites as well! Many of them emphasize eating well, frugal living, and/or personal finance and have plenty to say on a wide variety of related topics of interest to those who want to eat healthy on a very tight budget."

Weight Loss

shakeweightformen presents Shake Weight For Men and Women Review - Will it work for you? Shake Weight For Men Review Shake Weight posted at Shake Weight For Men Review Shake Weight , saying, ""

Sarah Cook presents Lemon Juice Fast to Detoxify Juice Cleanse posted at Juice Cleanse , saying, "Cool blog about detoxifying your body using lemon juice"

Erin Dawson presents Raw Food and Weight loss posted at Raw Food Raw Bliss , saying, "Great article on Raw Food and weight loss!"

presents How to Lose Weight Through Eating Right posted at FaithAllen , saying, "Lose weight through eating right is the best and safest way to permanently lose weight!"

Steve presents Free Colon Cleanse posted at Diet Cleanse , saying, "Get a quick start on your summer diet with a natural colon cleanse at home."

Peter Stockwell presents How to Lose Weight Like the Italian Women posted at The Senior Walking Fitness Blog .

Peter presents 7 Benefits of Losing Weight posted at The Change Blog .

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on August 29th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of weight management and fitness forum using our carnival submission form . Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page .

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