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Weight Management and Fitness Forum 69th Edition

Posted Jul 18 2010 2:40pm

Welcome to the 69th edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. We appreciate everyone's participation and hope you enjoy these selections. Please come back to Weight Master for our next edition and our other informative posts.

Rachel Davis presents Top 100 Radiologist Bloggers posted at Radiology Degree , saying, "If looking to start or advance a career in radiology, the competition can be stiff. With positions in x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, mammogram, and many more, the world of radiology can be confusing. To help, the article has gathered the top 100 radiologist bloggers."


Isabella Smith presents 101 Problems That Yoga Can Cure posted at Online Nurse Practitioner Schools , saying, "The list in the article peers into the various ways in which yoga can actually benefit treatment, though it does not intend to replace or reflect professional advice in any way."

Andrew Edgington presents Bodybuilding Training Program To Get Trembling Triceps - Part 1 posted at Mick , saying, "Mick Hart - Hardcore bodybuilder, author of two anabolic steroid best selling books, steroids and bodybuilding magazine publisher. Follow his bodybuilding training programs to develop SAFE huge muscles."

Linda@NHE presents Using Exercise To Lose Weight posted at Natural Health Ezine , saying, "You can lose weight outside the gym. Read to find out how!"

Steve Faber presents The Causes of Sore Muscles and What to Do About Them posted at Belly Fat Loser , saying, "If you've ever had a case of sore muscles (and who hasn't) you'll appreciate this. What you can do to help prevent and cure them next time (it's not the same, old thing)."

Woman Tribune presents Hike and Wine Tasting with Urban Girl Squad posted at Woman Tribune .

General Health

Delmy Martin presents What’s the Average Salary With an MPH Degree? – MPH Degree posted at MPH Degree , saying, "Many people justify going back to school with the fact that the education will pay for itself in just a few years. Is this true with a master of public health (MPH) degree?"

Eadwine Walter presents Feeling Sunny? 25 Health Benefits of Sensible Sun Exposure posted at Online Radiology Technician Schools , saying, "The sun’s radiation can help processes in the body work better. Here are 25 benefits of sensible sun exposure."

Hoven Keith presents Top 10 Public Health Disasters of the 20th Century posted at Master of Public Health , saying, "Public health disasters were as numerous during the twentieth century as they were before French chemist Louis Pasteur discovered that bacteria caused illnesses in 1860. Here's a list of the top 10."

AndrosenDsouza presents Top 50 Occupational Therapy Blogs posted at Masters in Occupational Therapy , saying, "An occupational therapist can be quite helpful in terms of helping people help themselves. Here are 50 great occupational therapy blogs."

Tony Bennett presents 25 Enlightening Studies and Infographics on Genetically Modified Food posted at online MHA degree , saying, "If you are someone who is concerned about food safety and human health, here are 25 interesting studies and infographics about genetically modified food."

Israel Baline presents 25 Enlightening Studies and Infographics on Obesity in America posted at Master Of Health Administration , saying, "Many consider obesity in America a true public health risk, due to the diseases connected to obesity, as well as the costs associated with obesity. Here are 25 enlightening studies and infographics about obesity in America."

Amanda Radcliffe presents 50 Public Policy Projects Worth Following On Twitter posted at Masters in Public Policy , saying, "It is possible to learn more about public policy by following what is happening on various projects with the help of Twitter."

Kathleen LaBeouf presents Facebook vs. Your Medical Privacy: What You Need to Know posted at MPH Degree , saying, "If your doctor or nurse used Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or other social networking tools, would you trust the safety of your confidentiality in that situation?"


Benjamin Frear presents Diet Review: Weight Watchers - Smart Living posted at Smart Living , saying, "This is a straightforward, graphical review of the Weight Watchers Diet. It includes expert and dieter opinions. If you're curious about the diet, this is for you."

Akili Spensor presents When looking for lean meat, turn to turkey meat, and how to incorporate it into your healthy diet. posted at In Shape At the Office Blog .

Kirstin Selakovic presents Types of Vegetarian Diets posted at Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan , saying, "There are so many different ways to be a vegetarian. Have you ever wondered what all the terms mean?"

Linda@NHE presents What Are The Health Benefits Of Turmeric? posted at Natural Health Ezine , saying, "Tumeric is a great spice that has some wonderful health benefits..."

Weight Loss

Jane presents Top ten reasons to weigh in only once a week posted at Fat Was Then .

Peter Stockwell presents How Do I Lose Twenty Pounds in Two Weeks? posted at The Senior Walking Fitness Blog .

Stacey Martin presents Simple Things you can do to Help Burn the Fat posted at This Lil Piglet Boutique .

Stacey Martin presents Key Fat Burning Foods posted at This Lil Piglet Boutique .

Stacey Martin presents Burn off the Belly Fat with these Foods posted at This Lil Piglet Boutique .

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on July 31st. Submit your blog article to the next edition of weight management and fitness forum using our carnival submission form . Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page .

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