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Weight Management and Fitness Forum 38th Edition

Posted Mar 28 2009 3:03pm

Welcome to the 38th edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. As always we appreciate everyone's participation. That is what enables us to continue doing this forum. We received alot of good submissions this time and we hope you all enjoy the selections. Please come back to Weight Master for the next edition and our other informative posts.


Bretislav Slansky presents The Best Workout Routines For Toning posted at Workouts routines For Toning.

Nick presents I'm hot for Bikram yoga posted at Yoga Training Online, saying, "By Julie Lawrence Bikram Yoga studio's suggestion that you bring a towel to class is not to be taken lightly. I"

Andrew Edgington presents Mick Hart's "No Bull" Bodybuilding And Steroid Blog » posted at Mick, saying, "Get the best bodybuilding health tips and training techniques as well as about how to do steroid cycles safely."

Steve Faber presents The Best Exercise to Flatten the Tummy posted at Belly Fat Loser.

robert galway presents Fitness posted at, saying, "Fitness is also about good nutrition, flexibility, relaxation, sleep, and more. Fitness is good for your heart, lungs, bones, and joints. And it lowers your risk for heart attack, diabetes, colon cancer, and high blood pressure."

Todd presents The Home Gym? posted at The Personal Finance Playbook.

General Health

Hamsamalini presents Women News & New's (WNNs): Tea and Coffee posted at Women News & New's (WNNs), saying, "Tea varieties"

Y Niz presents How to Use Steam to Relieve Sinus Pressure (Sinus Pressure Relief) posted at Sinus Pressure Relief, saying, "While there are numerous medications and surgical procedures available to relieve sinus pressure, there are also simple home remedies that can help. A steam treatment can break up nasal congestion and ease your suffering while you look for a long-term solution to treat and relieve your sinus infections"

J.D. Bell presents Stress Relief Music posted at It Takes Work.

ishanbansal presents How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs posted at Save Few Bucks, saying, "This article has practical money saving tips to save money on Prescription Medicines."

Wobegonrabbit presents 100 steps a minute posted at My Journey to a Healthier Me.

Farid presents Acne Treatment Products posted at Acne treatment, saying, "Many teens suffer from unsightly blemishes as their hormones fluctuate during puberty, and there is an acne treatment for every teen's skincare needs."

bryan presents Secrets To Success Part 4 posted at Personal Development and Growth.


marjorie presents Low-Carb, Low-Brain posted at Laurel on Health Food, saying, "A new study found that low-carb dieters perform worse on memory-based tasks than other dieters who simply cut calories (not carbs). The primary fuel for our brains is glucose, and once carbohydrates break down in your body, they are converted into glucose. Study authors say cutting carbs could actually weaken your brain function and memory skills."

Rob presents Easy Salmon Recipes posted at Nutrition Highway, saying, "Among fish, salmon is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat, packed with the valuable antioxidant omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is also one of most delicious and easily prepared foods. As such, you should eat this cold water fish regularly, as your budget allows. It does make a great special dinner entree and can be dressed in a number of ways. So if you"

Healthy Living presents 10 Tips to live a better life posted at Healthy Living.

Steve presents Acai Berry and Other Superfoods Fight Cancer posted at Free Acai Berry, saying, "Increase your energy with Acai Berry while preventing cancer according to a new story by"

Terry Newman presents 11 Foods You Can't Do Without! posted at FitPea.Com, saying, "An A-List of super nutritious foods that simply belong in your diet!"

Audra presents Healthy Italian Food posted at Adventures At Home.

Jack Russel presents The Amazing Benefits of the Acai Berry posted at Pure Acai - Acai Berry Info Blog, saying, "The Acai berry has been heavily promoted by the media in recent times. It has been endorsed by top celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray. The Acai fruit is believed to have many health benefits, and is therefore gaining prominence very quickly. Although many people are still learning about the health benefits of the Acai berry, the fact is, Central and South Americans have long known about these benefits."

Andy Fossett presents Anabolic Diet Results posted at Anabolic Diet Results, saying, "The Anabolic Diet is a way to get the muscle-building effects of a high-carb diet and the fat burning effects of a low-carb diet at the same time. It works like both because it is both."

Weight Loss

HeatherR presents 15 Great Ways To Lose Weight Fast posted at

Kara-Leah Grant presents The best detox diet you can ever do posted at Prana Flow NZ, saying, "Find out why regular practice of yoga will solve all of your weight and toxic body issues."

Mike Robbins presents Can You Train Your Body to Stop Burning Sugar? posted at BODY SOLID FITNESS, saying, "Wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell your body not to use glucose (sugar) and be able to just burn fat."

Irene Rivera presents Loose Weight and Feel Great In as Little As 29 Days Effortlessly With Mangosteen posted at MangoSteen Facts Online.

Logan presents The Secrets to Weight Loss After Pregnancy posted at Lose Over Weight.

Sam presents All Diets Work -No Diets Work posted at Weight Loss BlogsGet all about Weight Loss!Weight Loss BlogsGet all about Weight Loss!Weight loss blogs - Get all info about weight loss !.

Don Bell presents How To Find The Best Weight Loss Programs posted at The RTP Transformation.

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on April 11th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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