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Weight Management and Fitness Forum 33rd Edition

Posted Jan 18 2009 1:13am

Welcome to the 33rd Edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. We had the most submissions ever for this edition. We had a difficult time narrowing it down to these few selections, but we hope you enjoy them. Thank you once again for all of your participation. Please come back to Weight Master for our next forum edition and our other informative posts.


Andrew Edgington presents Bodybuilding Workout Routines for Lats posted at Mick, saying, "Just good honest advice on how to do steroid cycles safely as well as important bodybuilding health tips and training techniques."

Lazy Man and Money presents Can I Get In Shape with Just Two Workouts a Week? posted at Lazy Man and Health

Gal Josefsberg presents 10 Easy Ways To Add Exercise To Your Life posted at 60 IN 3, saying, "Hello, I know a lot of people make new years resolutions to become more fit, so I thought I would submit this article with 10 easy ways to include more physical activity in your life. Enjoy!"

Ronald Skelton presents Join a Gym / Workout at Home? posted at Done Dieting, saying, "Blog post covering the pros and cons of picking between a gym and home fitness."

General Health presents Your Childs Hidden Threat Dust Mites and Stuffed Animals posted at Dust Mites, saying, "One of the most overlooked areas of dust mite infestation is in stuffed animals."

Sam presents NEW !! Vitamins for Good Health posted at Surfer Sam and Friends Long before vitamins were identified as essential to good health, people recognized that food had the power to cure.

Ross presents Alkaline Cleanse: The Basics posted at Energise for Life, saying, "A quick start guide to starting a cleanse for your body to detox, replenish and unlock your natural energy"

Richard presents Take action now posted at Richard Shelmerdine - life views from a student of life

Praveen presents Make New Year's Resolutions For One Day Only posted at Tao of Simplicity


Kathy Hester (GeekyPoet) presents Budget Friendly Chickpea Winter Squash Stew « Geek, Poet, Housewife Wannabe posted at Geek, Poet, Housewife Wannabe

Steve Faber presents What Are the Benefits of Taking Acai Berries? posted at Belly Fat Loser

Byteful Travel presents Vegetarian, Raw, and Vegan Web Badges posted at Byteful Blog, saying, "What if there was an effortless way to let people know that you were a vegetarian, vegan, etc. in a supportive, yet unobtrusive and attractive way? Might that raise awareness? I wondered why anyone hadn’t tackled this design challenge before, thus the Powered by Plants badge was born. Whether you’re a macrobiotic eater, fruitarian, vegetarian, raw vegan, normal vegan, or locked-up vegan, these badges are a snazzy way to spread the word about your conscious nutritional choice."

Prashant K Shukla presents • View topic - Nutrient that is needed daily by the body. posted at Fenny Lopez, saying, "Protein is a nutrient that is needed daily by the body. These nutrients are essential for health and must be provided in the foods eaten. We are here to give you an idea of the amount of protein you can find in certain foods, check out."

Randy Powell presents Broccoli and fighting Cancer posted at High Alkaline Diet blog

Weight Loss

Joe E presents Health Tip: Don't Work-Out To Lose Weight... posted at Promote Health

Kevin presents A Family Solution to Childhood Obesity posted at More4kids Childrens Health.

run4change presents Do you make these mistakes? posted at My Angle, saying, "Stopping making THESE MISTAKES in your weight loss journey. Learn how to make the best out of you food choices."

Batya presents Unexpected Results From Start Fresh Kosher Weight Loss Diet posted at me-ander

VikramKir presents Diet Secrets. Diet Plan Basics that Help You Design An Effective Diet! posted at Thoughtfully Vikram...

Joshua Seth presents 7 Weight Loss Gifts For You posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, "You knew it was bound to happen. This week, millions of people will give up on their New Year’s weight loss resolutions and resolve to lose weight next year instead. To help fight this “growing” problem, Joshua Seth, author of the new book “The Weight Loss Hypnosis Solution” is giving away seven weight loss gifts so that this year those new year’s resolutions will finally succeed."

Peter Stockwell presents Make Weight Loss Happen posted at The Senior Walking Fitness Blog, saying, "Lifetime fitness is achieveable with exercise and a healthy Mediterranean diet. Put them together and scamper over the hill."

Rob Stone presents Lose Weight - advice videos on Detox, Choose Your Diet Plan, General Nutrition posted at VideoJug: LIfe Explained. On Film

Katrina presents 3 Secrets To Weight Loss posted at Secrets To Losing Weight

candy presents An Easier Way To Lose Weight: Love Yourself Thin posted at Carrie and Danielle

Dr. Davon Jacobson presents 5 Easy Tips for Guaranteed Fat Loss ~ *Health and Nutrition Facts* posted at *Health and Nutrition Facts*.

Sean cash presents AcaiBurn Review posted at The Beauty Aid

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on January 31st. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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